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According to the Public Health England (2017),
people of Middlesbrough have lower life expectancy than the national average,
which is 11.7% for men and 12.1% for women. This is due to the health in
Middlesbrough is at risk comparing to national average (child obesity is higher
in Middlesbrough than the national average, alcohol harm is worse in
Middlesbrough than the national average), (Public Health England, 2017). In
Middlesbrough smoking (including cannabis) is the major health related issue
that needs predominant change. Statistically improvement issues are necessary
due to the above health status in Middlesbrough including, drug misuse.  Public Health England, (2016) stated that it
is clear that the significant to the predominant health related improvement issue
is necessary to address. Moreover, it explains that smoking as a bad life style
which is the consequence of different diseases, needs urgent improvement; nearly
about 30,000 folks smoke in Middlesbrough (Middlesbrough JSNA, 2012).

Thus due to the fact that large portion of
the population smokes (including illicit drugs), drug addiction is higher in
Middlesbrough than national average. Drug addiction is a continuing illness,
which develops to taking crack cocaine and heroin, characterised by the hazard
of repeated decline and reduction. Drug addiction takes along years to become
completely free from drug dependency (Middlesbrough JSNA, 2012). Weaver, (2017)
explained that it is so rare for anyone under the influence of drugs to make
instant change rather it takes lots of time and resources.

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National Statistics, (2014)
stated that in Middlesbrough hospitals that almost 500 people admitted to
hospital in Middlesbrough for mental health problems as the consequence of
using illegal drugs. This means 331 individuals diagnosed for every 100,000
people in Middlesbrough, which 6 to 10 of the 500 individuals were males. This statistics
put Middlesbrough at highest risk of mental health issues due to illegal drugs
and makes this town  as one of the has top
rates of people being diagnosed with mental sickness connected to illegal drugs
in the UK. The statistics also
provides data 67,926 people who are diagnoses of mental illness and behavioural
difficulties as the result of frequent misuse of illegal drugs.

Middlesbrough has one of the highest rate of drug misuse comparing to national average.
This strongly advocates that illegal drugs should be a local health improvement
issue, as it often accompanied by a devastating impact upon the community. At the
present, drug misuse is one of the large issue within Middlesbrough, (Middlesbrough JSNA, 2012: National
Statistics, 2014). This is because illegal drugs
all types of classes (Class A; heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD: Class B amphetamines,
such as speed and barbiturates, and cannabis: Class C tranquillisers, Valium
and anabolic steroids.) are very harmful to a community in the short and long
run. Misuse and dependency on these drugs can affect the community socially, financially,
physically as it increases violence, crime, poverty, housing problem, unemployment,
homelessness, dependency and death rate (Geibprasert,
et al, 2009: National Archives, 2016).

World Health Organization (WHO), (2017) defines health
improvement as a process in which helps people to improve their health by
controlling and guiding their live style and health determinants. So health
improvement issue is an area that would benefit from health promotion and
improving services provided, which ultimately goes beyond individual behaviour
towards an extensive variety of social interventions.

According to NHS England, (2016) annually in the UK, NHS
spends 570 million pound for the treatment of drug addiction.

According BBC, (2016) Middlesbrough is one of the highest
host of drug misuse in the UK after Stockton on tees and London, usage varied
between 508mg and 707mg per 1,000 people throughout the week. Illegal drugs can
be a serious and fatal problem, as they are responsible for between 1,300 and
1,600 deaths a year in the UK, and destroy thousands of relationships, families
and careers.

Looking at the epidemiology of illegal drugs displays the
reason that people use illegal drugs and what effects it may have on them. Most
individuals try illegal drugs for relaxation, grown up, to escape from stress
and to experiment. As they see drugs are the solution however becomes poison.
Extensive misusing drugs can have many negative effects on the body, mind and a
person’s health and these may short or long term (Macleod et al., 2004). For
instances misuse of drug can affects the brain by increasing the chemicals
dopamine and serotonin during drug use, these make the brain to depend on the
drugs for pleasure. Physical illness including Heart rate irregularities, heart
attack, lung cancer, emphysema and breathing problem, vomiting, constipation,
diarrhoea, kidney and liver damage, stroke, brain damage. Moreover it has
adverse effect have on a person are academic problems, social isolation, memory
problems and an increased risk of mental health problems leading to suicide (Nutt,

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