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According to the introductory essay “technological determinism” is the belief that technology dominantly determines and shapes society and people’s lives. For example, in the article the authors use the example of historian Lynn White. He credited the coming about of feudal society wholly to the invention of the stirrup as it prevented the riders from falling of the horse in a vigorous fight. This demonstrates the position the “technological determinism” believes hold: technology is the most important determinant factor of the society and people’s lives.

Furthermore, this theory has partial truth in it; it is the good part of the theory. It recognizes the importance of technology. It affects not only our physical and biological environment and our material condition but also to the way we live socially, creating an impact on how we interact with each other. Yet, this theory is misguided because it is overly simplistic. They fail to realize that there is no one factor that can wholly determinate our society. Using the example of the feudal society, the decline in European trade and the possibility of seizing land for redistribution are also determining factors to the feudal society.

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The author thinks it is important to realize the flaws of technological determinism is because we need to understand the true impact of technology on the society. 

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