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“According to Kofidomos (1993) work-life conflict results in
stress in the employees which ultimately reduces their effectiveness at work”
(Lopamudra, 2017). Work hour
schedules at CarMax are not uncommonly posted no more than a week in advance
for employees, sometimes even less, for work the following week. A common
consequence is that such practices limit employees’ opportunity to balance
work, family, and social responsibilities. Employees’ dissatisfaction with
their work hours, not too surprisingly, is intensified by the interaction of
want to schedule control and the variability of their hours. Little advance
notice of posting of work schedules, daily scheduling changes, and overtime
work leads to increased work-family time conflict, but also to work stress,
child care difficulties, and variable earning. Employees who work and attend
school at the same time have increased anxiety due to not being able to balance
both with irregular work schedules. Many employees are not able to plan events,
trips or even doctors appointments due to this difficulty. 

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