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Africa by Maya Angelou describes the country Africa from the point of view of African Americans. In the first stanza Angelou uses the geographical make up of the land to give humanizing features to the continetnt. She describes the mountains of Africa as her breast and her hair is the deserts. Line six, “two Niles her tears” describes the Nile river as flowing tears and reflects her pain. “Thus she has lain” in this stanza describes an African American woman’s struggle in Africa.

This phrase is mentioned in each stanza of the poem. The second stanza gives details about the European colonization of Africa. This stanza tells how women were raped and abused and how men were forced into slavery and sold as slaves. Line 15 tells about the religious missonaries that came to Africa and converted African people to Christianity. “Bled her guns” line 16 describes how war and violence destroyed the beauty and peace of Africa. “Thus she has lain” in this stanza describes Africa’s hardship.

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The final stanza talks about the hope and bright out look on the horizon for Africa. This stanza tells people to remember the hardships that were faced and never forget the struggle but to embrace and cherish the cultural and rich resources that are found in Africa. This poem talks about the hurt filled past of Africa as well as the bright future, a future that is filled with rich promises. Although Africa has many losses, it has always had riches. Lines 24 and 25 in this stanza describes how Africa has overcome the hardships of its past. Although she had lain” expresses that Africa is now risen and stronger than ever. Maya Angelou is an Africa American female. According to “Angelou and Autobiography” Angelou’s work is usually “feminine and broadly human. ” In Africa Angelou uses a woman’s human characteristics to describe the continent. Although Angelou explores the history of her race through her writing, her main concern is the relationships of all human beings. In Africa Angelou describes the history of the continent from her experience.

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