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African Americans who are also referred to as
Black Americans or Afro Americans are group of Americans, one of
the biggest of the numerous ethnic bunches in
the United States of America who were largely the descendant of slaves. They
were brought from their homeland in Africa for forceful labor and had no right
to their own lives. In the 17th and 18th century, slavery
was a practice amongst the American colonies

In 1619,
Virginia was a confined British settlement on the Chesapeake Bay profoundly populated
by men attempting to make the colony productive for Britain, but the colonist where crushed by infections, starvation and attack from
the local Americans, so when a severely harmed Dutch
slave dispatch arrived carrying about twenty captured Africans,
the colonist spotted nourishment and administrations for
the human cargo. The colonist had no demonstrate for servitude,
so the seized Africans joined the destitute white Europeans
as servants, they will gain land and freedom in exchange for seven
years of intense labor. The colonist prospered when his export developed
and became more beneficial, so they became hesitant to lose
their labor. Not at all like the European counterpart who held
citizenship in their domestic nations, African were no subject to the
common laws and they got to be laborers without rights. As
days got to be night, slavery got to be legalized in
1641 and Africans got to be properties that could be possessed for

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African Americans reached the climax of their suffering they had to reevaluate
their lives which lead to the abolishment of slavery. In the years after the
civil war, formally enslaved people were aware of what it felt like to finally
have freedom that they’ve always known they should have. Unfortunately, the end
of slavery was not the end of exploitation and violence and discrimination in
the south

Americans are still living in this partially enslaved existence in which they
are never able to attain financial stability and never be able to survive on
the land which they were formerly enslaved on. The ability of a freed slave to
make a dollar, own a land or even be educated made them a treat to the white
supremacist and this led to lynching and more violent attack.

the book African dance, edited by Welsh Asante in memory of Pearl Primus.,
Katrina Hazzard Gordon enlightened the reader on Sociocultural disruption,
continuity, and synthesis. As though as live under slavery was, it still
encouraged a chance of society and cultural development. The environment of
bondage the slaves were in did not prevent them from creating their own culture,
it helped them preserve some aspect of their African culture. And it also did
not prevent an African based cultural tradition in dance.

culture played a big role in the development of the southern speech, music,
dance, food and folklore. The type of labor the African slaves were engaged in
resulted in some cultural difference among them. As the slaves work on the
plantation, some worked in groups or gang while some worked individually, and
this affected the model of culture that emerged. Although some of the slaves
worked as house servant and many more, which mean they had a different model of
culture emerging among them. As they struggled to keep their culture alive, the
white made it less easy for them by taking away their drums creating an
environment in which African American found it difficult to retain African
cultural practice. Both sacred and secular dancing among bondsmen originated in
an African worship system which include a wide range of praise methods and bembe “party for the gods”. This
religious ceremony included eating, drinking and dancing happily (festive
mood), but the story was different among the bondsmen in north America.
Elements of the orisha part were retained in the form of “the shout”. According
to Frederick Law Olmsted, there was a large plantation in his vicinity with a
small chapel were the negroes worshipped. The owner told him that he had
furnish the chapel but the negros urged him to remove it because it gave them no
room to freely express themselves by leaping, dancing, crying out loud and even
clapping their hands in excitement as they worshipped. All of this practice and
more lead to racial stereotyping such as African Americans are naturally loud
and violent, jezebel, mammy etcetera, and even the modern-day stereotyping like
drug dealer’s black angry woman, unintelligent or uneducated, crack victims,
watermelon stereotype, and blacking people always eating fried chicken and the positive
stereotype, African Americas can dance and have good rhythm

major sources of information and knowledge about African Americans is the media.
The media has majorly portrayed more negative news about African Americans than
good and even of other African countries. The media depicts them as poor,
homeless people dying of diseases forgetting that hunger and diseases dwell in
all part of the world. The movement ‘Black Lives Matter” started when Americans
Cops stated killing and rough handling black people which still leads to the
same stereotyping that Black men are violent. All this and many more events
going on in this modern world leads to flash backs about what their ancestors
suffered and that is what makes them black angry people.




Welsh-Asante, Kariamu. African Dance.
96th ed. New York, N.Y: Chelsea House, 2010. Print


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