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After watching the TedTalk I learned that Stem Cells are cells with the one of a kind capacity to form into particular cell types in the body. Later on they might be utilized to supplant cells and tissues that have been harmed or lost because of a disease. Stem cells give new cells to the body as it develops, and supply specific cells that are lost or even harmed. I learned that they have two remarkable substances that empower them to split apart many times to deliver new cells, and they can change into alternate kinds of cell that make up the body. In the video I saw an outline demonstrating a stem cell increasing in more particular cells. Susan Solomon speaks about technology, a new technology that can create avatars of ourselves. She gives an history of how in 1990 scientist identify the human embryo cell. Susan Solomon advocates the Stem research using lab developed stem cells. They create test system that could quicken examine into curing diseases and maybe prompt treatment. She talks about the types of stem cells, embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. The embryonic stem cell gives new cells for an embryo as it develops. And the adult stem cells gives new cells to replace damaged cells. The stem cell research has been a new technology since 1990, its a imaginative innovation that will save may lives. Researchers are hoping to better comprehend the properties of stem cells. There goal is to see how our bodies develop, discover methods for using stem cells to replace cells and tissues. They can study how cells end up particular for capacities in the body. There can be a development of the growth of tissue and from stem cells, which would then be able to be analyzed to discover how they move and how they are influenced by drugs. Diseases affect many people differently, Susan talked about her son have type 1 diabetes and her mom and dad died from cancer and how many people suffered from diseases differently. Also how different drugs has a different reaction to people, it may work for someone and it may not work for the other person. 

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