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Alonnah EvelynMr. ChorneyUnited States History I CPJanuary 4, 2018Thesis statement:The Ku Klux Klan is an American hate group that terrorized African Americans and other minorities due to their belief in white supremacism.Introduction:The KKK stole the lives of innocent people.Back in the late 1800s there once was a society that murdered the lives of people because of the color of their skin, religion, and sexuality. (Ingram) The formation of the KKK was a major contribution to the long struggle to the continuation of racism in America.        B.  All and all, The Ku Klux Klan is an American hate group that terrorized African        Americans and other minorities due to their belief in white supremacism.     II. Body:What is the Ku Klux Klan?    The KKK was formed by six men who originally wore pillowcases to cover their faces and rode horses. They would frequently ride around the streets of Pulaski, Tennessee often visiting secret dens that eventually spread throughout the South. (Bush, Elizabeth) In the 1920s the burning of the cross was used as the symbol for the clan as an intimidation tactic.These members passed the idea of white supremacy to all other ethnic divisions although they claimed the order and belief were based on Christianity. The white costumes with the pointy hats were a look to be as terrify their victims.      B. Why and How was the KKK spread around?The KKK is an organization and it was most active in the Southern Confederate states and the main target were African Americans. The group originally died down during the late 1860s, but in the 1920s there was an increase because of a motion picture called “Birth of a Nation” a film that depicted new The North had rapid economic progression and therefore the South had a slower economy leading to the reason that it angered the white southerners into believing it was the black population to blame. There were still racial disputes from the slavery era. (Trueman)  The KKK had a lot of sources to increase their profit. Membership fees, and the money that was received from events that sold their propaganda. Also donations and widespread protests and public occurrences.   The members of the Ku Klux Klan held massive events and protests to prevent African Americans from having their rights for example voting. Often the Ku Klux Klan would go on nighttime raids gruesomely hurt African Americans by whipping and even murder them. “In 1960, 47% of the total population was black, but only 2% of which were registered to vote” (Simkin).        C. The Summits  There were three different Klans over the course of history. All three of the Klans have had different motives but all are still dangerous and promote racism and prejudice. The ‘First’ KKK was the start Congress passed the KKK act which enforced penalization to any terrorization attacks. The KKK died down until fifty-five years later. During the first Klan, only African Americans were the targets.In 1920, Klansmen rekindled due to the anger of the northward migration of the blacks. During the second summit, other minorities were added to the mix of prejudice and hate. They burned crosses and staged rallies against all immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks, homosexuals and organized labor. No one was safe at this point unless you were Christian. The ‘Second’ Klan had around three million members. (Smith). But things started to ease down until after World War II.The third summit spiked during the civil rights movement in 1955.  During this period, the Klan often worked with Southern police departments, for example in Birmingham, Alabama. Also having conspiracies with George Wallace governor of Alabama. Multiple KKK groups were trialed and found guilty of the murder of several civil rights workers in 1964 and the death of four children in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963.     D.  Today  Today the Klan has been frequently associated with the unlawful activities such as hate crimes and domestic terrorism. This diminishes the original intentions of keeping a good public image. The Klan originally made propaganda to show that they were doing ¨good¨ deeds. Children and women were often seen in white robes as well to show a kinder image.          ll.  Conclusion            In conclusion, African Americans and other minorities of America’s southern regions were only recently able to live their lives without the fear of being a victim of a hate crime. Everyone no matter any race, gender, sexual orientation or even mental capacity should be able to be comfortable living in their own homes instead of being scared that they will be killed because they are considered different. Within every new generation, people are becoming more open to the differences that the world beholds. As from now, there have been big changes there is as much hate and everyone is treated as almost equal. Although the world has gotten a lot kinder to social and physical differences in their fellow beings there is still ways to go. Hopefully one day this will be a no-hate world, no racism, no sexism, no prejudice. It’s a lot to ask for but each generation is getting better at being more open to talking and understanding each other as a human being. Someday the world will have even less conflict, less war and more peace as it does right now. Everyone wants to be happy and understood, therefore, we should strive to do these things without having hate in our hearts for people we may not understand. Humanity is definitely moving in the right direction for prosperity.

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