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Although they’re perceived as the future of humanity, countless children in impoverished countries are enslaved to labour under perilous conditions. Not only do these conditions substantially damage both their physical and mental being, but also hinders in personal development.  It’s the nature and condition of hazardous work that inflicts harm on child labourers. Due to detrimental environments, the labour jeopardizes the physical, mental and/or moral well-being of a mere child   (United Nations, 2018) . The result of these working arrangements have long-term health disadvantages for youth and their transitions into adulthood. In worst cases, these arrangements can even be fatal.  According to the International Labour Organization, “Almost half of all 152 million children victims of child labour are aged 5-11 years (42 million (28%) are 12-14 years old; and 37 million (24%) are 15-17 years old)”   (ILO, 2018) . Hazardous labour is not only performed by human beings under horrid and gruesome conditions, but rather children that are not yet developed and are immensely vulnerable. Children are forced into dangerous, and physically demanding jobs because many poor households use the bulk of their income on food, forcing parents to send or even sell their children into the workforce in order to make ends meet. “‘Hazardous work’ is the worst form of child labour. It irreversibly damages children’s health and development through, for example, exposure to dangerous machinery or toxic substances, and may even endanger their lives”   (Anti-Slavery International, 2018) . Such harsh labour takes an enormous toll on children and impedes the child’s education, full development, and most importantly, the child’s well-being. There is high prevalence in stunted intellectual and physical development, chronic lung diseases, ruined eyesight and bone deformations, and sometimes death; the outcome being a young life ended too soon. Despite some regulations against it, child labour is still practised and continues to harm the youth involved by crushing the right to both physical and mental development.

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