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Although some may argue and claim that GMOs are harmful towards humans, GMOs can actually be very helpful. When you hear about your food not being grown naturally you instantly freak out and think you’re literally poisoning yourself. With GMOs people usually think bad right away but they do have a few benefits. GMOs can make food more nutritious, reduce pesticide use, and most importantly give us an advantage in adapting to our ever-changing world. GMOs can actually make our food more nutritious which is definitely a good thing. They can help evolve our everyday foods into something helpful or healthy for us. They provide protection from diseases for us; “This tomato was engineered to produce higher levels of nutrients anthocyanins, which have been shown to be protective against a wide variety of human diseases.” The fact that we can literally fill up on our stomachs and by doing so we are protecting ourselves against diseases should be an incredible thing. People misunderstanding GMOs have caused these benefits to not be available to us which is a pretty simple-minded thing.  Using GMOs isn’t seen as a great thing to use in our food but it’s sure better than using pesticides. Pesticides are in our food, there’s no denying that, but what s we could use less and less of it. I say that we should get on that right away. GMOs reduce the use of pesticides in our food by allowing a more targeted use of pesticides and herbicides. GMOs help the plant fight against encroaching weeds, and provide more intrinsic pest resistance. Research claims “ON average, GM technology has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increases crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68%.” GMOs overall help plants grow better and decrease the use of pesticides which is nothing but good news. The fact that we use GMOs can be a benefit in helping us adapt to our world. There’s no doubt the world is changing everyday, even as we speak. As humans we have to keep up with it in order to survive, which is what in the end, makes us human. The population keeps growing an climate is dramatically changing causing our crops and farming areas to be negatively affected. With droughts, invasive pests, and new blights there’s no telling where our processing world may go. Biotechnology can be the answer to all of our problems. They can help produce more resilient crops which can fight and survive in our unstoppable like change on earth. With the development of GMOs also comes a new more evolved way of farming and also crop protections. Which can help keep us up as in a fair opponent against our evolving world. Overall GMOs are really looked as if they are a horrible thing and are greatly misunderstood. GMOs can be the future of how we process our food and protect our crops, that shouldn’t be a bad thing, and it isn’t. GMOs can be a great health and finance factor which is always wanted and needed. In my and many others’ opinions, GMOs benefit and contribute to the evolution of our food processing. Which in today’s world doesn’t hurt. Looking at the good side of them, they really aren’t such a horrible, scary thing.

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