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?An exploratory study conducted by Cancio (2009) focused on the “Blog-o-menon” or the phenomenon of blog marketing in the Philippines by finding out significant changes by bloggers with their personal influence to the marketing industry in the country. Focus interviews with three key informants was the method used in gathering data. Upon performing the said method, their insights were triangulated. The results of Cancio’s study showed that bloggers have a great impact on consumer behavior and influence by building relationship to its customers that can be considered as a niche to the markets. Katz and Lazarsfeld (1955) as stated by Cancio (2009) that personal influence has four (4) characteristics: 1) Non-purposiveness/casualness; 2) Flexibility to counter resistance; 3) Trust; and 4) Persuasion without conviction. Cancio also added that marketing experts are now proposing that there should be a means of regulating this rapidly growing marketing tool. We included this related study because perhaps blogging can be considered as a promotional strategy to increase a school’s student population.According to Feliciano (2015), “Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) must improve their marketing program in order to determine and develop much better marketing strategies.” Promotional tools may also be called as marketing strategies since these are techniques in order to attract customers, consumers or students to transfer schools. In relation with the case study, this article adds an impact to promote the school using the tools. It also mentioned that leadership is also present in promoting your company. Through the use of effective leadership, it would give a big help in advertising the school. This would be a factor in the increase in the number of students within the school or the company.Feliciano (2015) performed a research study on forty-five (45) faculty members, forty-five (45) non-academic personnel and one hundred eighty (180) students from three (3) selected Higher Education Institutions in Metro Manila. Feliciano made use of descriptive research method with the questionnaire as the main tool for data gathering. In its results and findings, data showed that: 1) The leadership of the school administrators of the said Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were proved to be committed to a culture performance and recognized; 2) The respondent students are generally satisfied with and loyal to the selected HEI’s; and 3) The dimensions of leadership effectiveness and the marketing strategies adopted by the said HEIs are directly correlated to student satisfaction with and loyalty to the selected HEIs. This related study can give us light to other ways on how to increase student population of a school as it gives us insight that establishing the school’s reputation itself by having good leadership inside the institution itself can perhaps be a good way to promote it.Ramirez, et al (2014), on the other hand, conducted a case study pertaining to the marketing strategies of selected business establishments in the City of Tarlacwhere a descriptive survey method was used. Instruments such as questionnaire and an interview schedule on one hundred fifty (150) randomly-picked establishments in Tarlac City to collect necessary information. One of the findings of the study showed that friendly relations was top ranked as one of the most effective way of maintaining customers. Just like the findings of Khan, Uchendu and Wang, the study also showed that advertising and public relations are the best product promotion strategies. We included this related study because it shows the correlation between customers and promotional strategies but in this case, it more on tackles the business in TarlacCity.According to T. N. Sofres and Z. Lawrence (2016), the study which surveyed a total of 200 marketers from the Philippines, businessmen are using several types of sources to inform their marketing strategy. The study also gave importance to the top priority for marketing departments that year; customer relationship management. It is believed that the results revealed that marketers’ sphere of activity has broadened, as they focuson how to deliver the best possible overall customer experiences. Z. Lawrence, digital director for Asia Pacific for TNS, said: “It’s no secret that social has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives – 97% of connected consumers in the Philippines use social networks, switching between Facebook and Google+ and Instagramas the top three channels.Tamayo and Banuelos (2016) made a case study on the implementation of the marketing strategies employed at Philippine Ports Authority in Batangas City, Philippines.Tamayo and Banuelos adopted the descriptive quantitative research and used two (2) data gathering instruments: interview and descriptive survey through questionnaires patterned from marketing strategies reported by Asian Terminal Incorporated to be used for statistical inference. Tamayo and Banuelos also included the use of Weighted Mean (WM) and Ranking in assessing the level of awareness of the port users on the operational services provided by Philippine Ports Authority and Asian Terminals Inc.The results and findings of Tamayo and Banuelos’ case study showed that due to the marketing strategies employed by the PPA and ATI, the port users and clienteles became more aware of the operational services provided by PPA and ATI themselves. This related study gave us another insight that the effects of marketing strategies show significant relationship to each respondent as can be said in the case of other institutions like schools.?Synthesis?The reviewed literatures provided commonalities in terms of the definition, different aspects and effectiveness of promotional strategies not only in schools but in other institutions and establishments. Kokemuller, Bradley and Prevot et al, backed up by other local literatures explained how different aspects of marketing strategies affected and played a huge role in schools, companies and other institutions. The reviewed studies, on the other hand, tackled different effects of marketing and promotional strategies on various case studies. Khan, Uchendu and Wang et al, followed by both foreign and local studies showed the correlation between the relationship of marketing strategies and promotional strategies and other variables not only student but also bloggers and other business companies. ?This study will describe and interpret the effects of the promotional and marketing strategies to its beneficiaries as it will show a multiple case study on the effectiveness of promotional strategies of Good Shepherd Cathedral School. 

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