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The artist uses twines or yarns to weave
or tie the three dimensional festive chung or kueh ketupat on the printed or
embossed textural or tactile handmade paper background, with that, it creates a
semi decorative low-relief collage composition. The artist also uses silkscreen
method to print local wood carving pattern or auspicious symbols onto handmade
paper with embossed effect, thus, creating a kind of contour patterns. He also
exploits the festive cultural symbol of jubilee joys and expresses beautifully
the co-existence of Malaysian multi-culture, the festive spirit of mutual
respect, care and Muhibbah. The juxtaposition of frontal symbols is structured
in space and combines both figurative and abstract symbols. It illustrates the artist’s
profound understanding and appreciation of shapes, and also enhances both the
rural sense as well as the contemporary sense of such festive symbol.

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The Festival Series expresses the
following notion: ‘The spirit of sharing festive joy, mutual respect and
goodwill is in the heart of every Malaysian”. The configuration of forms of
festival related cakes, offerings, craft elements and artefacts is intended to
convey the spirit of sharing traditional values and goodwill in this series of
work (the Malaysian way of life). During the festive seasons, the reception of
guests would not complete without the serving of local cakes. As without them,
there will be lack of festive mood. The beauty and aesthetic of forms of the
festival related cakes and artefacts are fully explored, appreciated and



If we view the works of the artist in the
view of the science of symbolism, we will agree that the world under his
brushes is a symbolised world, and its distinctive characteristic from culture
symbol to art symbol. The artist was brought up in a multi-racial and
multi-cultural society of Malaysia. The abundant cultural symbols of Malaysia
are important in formulating his art experience and immensely transformed his
creative process. His works is influential because he managed to transform
distinctive symbols of Malaysian culture into his own symbol.

In Malaysia culture, the festival is an
important representation of cultural practice. It contains the richness of
Eastern cultural contents and traditional values. The artist has aptly grasped
the symbolized meaning of the festive culture. He uses symbols of Malaysian
festive culture such as, the local Malays cakes and Chinese dumpling and wood
carving pattern as creative elements. And transforms these cultural symbol into
his own. The artist has expressed his own understanding and appreciation of
Malaysians culture and traditional cultural practice.

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