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Annie leibovitz

Annie leibovitz was born october 2nd, 1949 to marilyn edith and samuel
leibovitz who were from romanian jewish descent. Her mother was a jewish
dance instructor and her father was colonel in the U.S air force which caused
the family to move around a lot. Annie first started taking pictures while her
family was stationed in the philippines as her father served in the vietnam war.
As Annie grew up she went to northwood high school in silver spring, maryland,
where she gained much interest in a multitude of arts such as writing and playing music
for school plays. Annie later went to go to the San Francisco Art institute where
she studied painting. As Annie worked on developing her photography talents
she went through many jobs such as a kibbutz which is a agriculture based
collective community in amir, israel for a few months. Annie first big photography
job she got was being a photographer for rolling stone magazine in 1970 where
she took a famous photo of a inmate holding a family member on christmas of
1971, two years later she would get moved up to chief photographer of rolling
stone magazine a job she’d keep for 10 years, while working for chief of rolling
stone she took a numerous amount of famous pictures such as lisa ronstadt in
a red slip, on her bed, reaching for a glass of water in 1976 for cover story in
rolling stone, john lennon and yoko ono on Jan. 22, 1981, rolling stone cover, taken
the day Lennon was murdered, fleetwood mac for a 1977 issue of rolling stone
magazine. Stevie nicks and mick fleetwood are shown lying together, as are christine
mcvie and lindsey buckingham at the opposite end of the bed. John mcvie is
shown reading playboy magazine and countless others…

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Annie leibovitz says her inspirations are robert frank and henri cartier-bresson
which she studied while at san francisco art institute, she says their influence of
reporting through a graphic way is what she was taught to try and mirror in her own
photography. She’s also mentioned that richard avedon’s portraits have impacted her
photography in major ways with many of her pictures being portraits themselves. Over
the years annie has earned a handful of awards her most recent being the 2015 paez
medal of art from VAEA , which is a decoration awarded by the venezuelan american
endowment for the arts that is presented to a person or a group once a year for their
significance, and contribution to excellence, support, growth, and the proliferation of the
arts in venezuela and america,and her first award being The Royal Photographic
Society’s Centenary Medal and Honorary Fellowship or (HonFRPS) for short, the award
was given to her for her continuous, noteworthy benefactions towards photography in

My favorite picture thing about annie leibovitz photos is
how recognizable they are before you even know who
annie leibovitz is, i also like how they capture iconic
moments in history like when muhammad ali was on top
of the fighting world or when bruce springsteen released
one of the best known albums which later turned into
one of the most famous tours ever. 

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