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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is defined as the
of making computers exhibit human behaviour.   Artificial Intelligence is
implemented  in
 many  fields,  including:
 expert  systems,
 game  AI,
robotics, natural language,
neural networks 3.
Another field
of AI is machine learning, in
which computers may
create their own solutions to problems 2. All these specializations focus
on one thing: enabling computers to interact with human users and to behave
like humans rather than machines. Many of these fields have included new
forms of software
technology used worldwide today such as chess games on your computer
voice recognition on mobile phones. No computer today can display
artificial intelligence, where the computer
behave exactly
like a human being. However, progress in the field has been made, the most of
being in the specialization of game
AI 3.


1.2 What is game

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Game AI encompasses many features of game development which help enhance the experience of
player. Beal defines game AI as “programming computers to play
games against human opponents” 3. While this
is true, it is a partial definition
of game AI. The book Game AI Pro 2 offers a more precise and knowledgeable definition for the term: as
a general overview, game AI is the process of applied decision-making in video games. This can be thought of as the computer deciding how to
react based on the input received from the player; the computer has a free
of choices and can decide for
itself instead of a machine-like process. However, it is important to recognize that games can be created without
use of game AI techniques. Games like Tetris are very systematic,

where  the  user  chooses
 where  to
 place  a  block
 the  computer
generates another block. There is neither emotion being conveyed in the game nor a
sense of
interaction. This is what game AI helps achieve
Rabin elaborates on this idea perfectly
by saying, “it is the sensation that
something on the other
side of
the screen is almost alive
that makes game
unique and powerful. This feeling arises from observing the game

‘making decisions’ about what happens next” 2:4-5.


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