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“Artists have been the court jesters of all past history. They were permitted to say the truth because they preformed it in its particular, but socially restricted artist’s form” (The Revolution Of Hope Toward A Humanized Technology Erich Fromm). As an artist, I aspire to transcend those cultural and socioeconomic boundaries and spread inclusiveness of said truth to all people regardless of their intersectionality. I am fascinated by relationship between technology, the human experience, and the way that design impacts that relationship. I strive for a movement away from art as an article of consumption, towards art as a form of action in promoting the progression of humanity in the direction of a more innocent and genuine future. 

Over the past twenty years a significant relationship between mankind and technology has developed. Interactive design has become increasingly prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives. It plays an integral roll in the way that we communicate, date, shop, travel, etc. A society’s technology can determine the path of its social structure and cultural values. Technology does not so much as dehumanize people but more so it humanizes objects. Design is a matter of translating that technology into something that people can use. I will attempt return a focus to the a human aspect of our adaptation to technology I would like to accelerate the evolution of more humanitarian and beneficial design. I aim to depict a glimpse at a brighter future, no matter how brief. I hope to further develop the the integration of art, technology, and the human experience. 

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Art provides me with a platform for the exploration of my existence. It enables me to practice self discipline, and helps me to grow as a person. I create in an attempt to find some light at the end of a long tunnel. My work explores the sometimes digital and truly abstract spaces in which we find our sense of identity and comfort. It touches on concepts of true love in a face swiped right and truth uncovered within newsfeed rubble. It offers a dreamy commentary of life, late stage capitalism, and impending technological singularity.

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