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As a student an internship
is my first opportunity to apply my knowledge to the real world. In my introductory and upper-level
coursework, I’ve developed a passion for latest technological trends and am
extremely interested in pursuing independent research as an undergraduate. I have chosen this internship based on my
interests and career prospects. As an intern I have the opportunity to learn
latest advancements in technology and develop my practical skills. I believe this internship will
provide me with the building blocks for my future projects and research .The experience will not only help me to develop the
skills needed to work in the industry as working on real projects and research
will also give me the interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with
others  and confidence in my own

 The skills and knowledge I will
gain during internship period will give me an in-depth understanding of the
principles and ideas learnt during degree which in turn help me achieve higher overall grades in
my exams .This platform being provided through the internship also allows me to
get a better idea of high level projects. An extensive research experience will greatly help me
consolidate my future career choice. I am also planning on continuing in my
studies after Btech and purse MS from a reputed university. This internship will benefit me to raise my bars
and become a world-class professional.

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I have extensive
experience in hardware related projects. During my course I have developed
a great interest towards Electrical projects. I have done numerous projects as
parts of my curriculum. I am the founding member and Electrical head for the
university’s first successful solar electric hybrid car. During my experience I
have gained valuable experience on circuit design, logical thinking
optimisation of resources and capital management to bring out the most
efficient car with resource available. Moreover it was a stage where I where I
had the opportunity to working on mechanical components and parts like steering
suspension. I hold exceptional skills in basic engineering techniques like
insulation, wiring, various material cutting and design etc. I worked as a
summer intern in Bharat Heavy Electricals wherein I had exposure to engineering in the industrial point
of view. I also had the chance to learn and take part in the solar cell and
panel manufacturing process.

Other than then
the hardware skills I have excellent programming skills in C/C++ and in
MATLAB/Simulink. As part of my curriculum and for various projects I have
programming experience using Keil microvision, powerworld, aurdino and python. I
have worked in analog design lab, power electronics lab, power system lab,
semiconductor lab, machines lab etc. on different occasions related to the
curriculum and the projects I have done. In my near future I have great interest to
work on projects and research based on artificial intelligence, renewable
energy and electric vehicles.

Through this
Internship I will get the opportunity
to meet young talented people and a variety of professionals in my field. I
believe the internship will help me acquire
references and find new job opportunities collaborating with different ideas and thought will
get me the access
to different points of view and will help widen my perspectives. Moreover by learning to
adapt to cultural differences and new lifestyle I will be able to develop
myself as socially.

In addition to gaining exposure and experience in the field of enigneering,
I am provided with an opportunity to see if a particular career field is the
right one based on getting personal experience in the field. Putting it all in a nutshell the benefits,
exposure and the opportunities I will receive through the internship period
will help set the foundation for my career. I shall be
highly grateful and honoured if you consider my request for working under the
guidance of highly skilled professors at your esteemed university.


I have strong knowledge of the basics in electrical engineering. In
the first year major topics studied were basic electrical engineering,network
theory,semiconductor devices programming in C++ and python, and Engineering
Electromagnetics.I have completed theory,projects and lab in all my core
subjects which include analog and digital design Signals and Systems
Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion Measurement and Instrumentation Control
Systems Power System Engineering and Power Electronics and Drives. The
electives I have taken includes material science,nanotechnology,special
machines, renewable energy,microprocessor and micro controllers,digital signal
processing robotics and electric vehicle.





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