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As you begin to perceive this description and story of Ares, you will see how some Greek gods worked and how they felt toward each other. The people of ancient Greece used mythology as a means to explain the environment and as a religion to worship. Greek mythology was created so people had a religion,entertainment, and education. The Greek gods were believed to come from something called Chaos; it is described as a black soupy mist. Ares was not told of as the best god; in fact, he’s nowhere near good. Ares is the god of war and finds trouble easily, like it’s a regular thing. You would imagine the god of war would be brave and courageous, but Ares was a coward. Ares has several things that he is associated with, such as a spear, superior strength, and a really good fighter who used chariots. Ares parents are Zeus and Herma, as Zeus was the first Olympian god. Ares has a story it kind of describes him as it is above. This story takes place in ancient Greece, as most Greek gods stories do, as well as Thrace, a mountainous place north of ancient Greece. There are four primary characters in this story Hephastus, Aphrodite, Ares, and Zeus. The plot of this story includes him being born as the exposition, as rising action trouble making, the trojan war as the climax. IN the falling action,Ares got stabbed by a spear and went back to Zeus, Ares was only allowed to stick around because he was Zeus’s first born. Ares is a coward for a god of war because when he got hit with the spear from Diomedes he let out a scream that sounded like 10,000 men. The lesson here it is that all bad things have a weakness. This story is about Wonder Woman and Ares is the enemy it takes place mostly in England and Germany. Exposition wonder woman grows up rising action a plane crashes so wonder woman and the guy go to england climax Wonder woman finds Ares falling big fight resolution Ares dies.Ares is not what most people would view as godly and in the movie we saw his physical form.There is a lesson here that there is more to your strength than your weapon.From all the stories of the greek gods it sounds like they still have a lot of human qualities for Ares being a coward might be how most people react when they’ve been stabbed. Ares is still quite a god of war though being described as muscular, war ready, and  carries a bloody shield. Ares has created a lot of bad bonds with other Greek gods including his father. It’s hard to believe that Ares had worshipers they were the spartans but that was expected as they ate nails and steroids for breakfast. I was thinking Ares would be a little more courageous for a god of war.

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