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As occupational therapists, we abide by a certain set of values and beliefs, being that we have a holistic approach to our practice and being able to keep our approach client-centered and evidence-based practice as well as other beliefs;

Altruism, freedom, justice, dignity, truth, prudence and equality (Kammy. E 1993)

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I believe that the PEOP model abides by many of our values and beliefs. It is very much more client-based, it looks deeply into the client’s occupational performance and separates factors as intrinsic or extrinsic it also separates them further into either; Personal, social or population level.

The PEOP Model states there are many aspects which can affect someone’s occupational performance and this model intensely considers all aspects of the person’s performance as it also uses the biopsychosocial approach since it considers the physical (bio), emotional (psycho), and social factors that can inhibit someone’s occupational performance. So, this aspect can be the holistic approach of OT looking at every part of the person not just what we see.

Then the OT process can occur; this is where the OT and person work covalently along with each other to come up with occupational goals to work towards, the OT works closely with the person they treat as they need to build an occupational profile of that person’s strengths and weaknesses and figure out some occupational activities they can do to improve their occupational performance, this method is good as it uses evidence-based practice a core value of OT.

The good part of this model is that ire uses a top-down approach rather than bottom up which links into our key values that we’re holistic and work towards the long-term aspect of treating a person and looking at how everything affects their occupational performance and engagement. So, this model is quite client-centered.

The PEOP Model is a systems model, recognizing that the interaction of the person, environment and occupational performance elements is dynamic and reciprocal,

The PEOP recognises impairments when they limit performance participation but also views the client in context, including a consideration of the abilities and strengths that a client can use to enable performance, by following our OT set of standards the PEOP model is a very holistic approach to OT and quite a simple one too as it has a clear structure for you to follow out when assessing any person’s impairments.

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