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Written Report



title: Effective Participation at Work




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In this report, the tourism strategy of Australia gives an
intelligent and far reaching introduction of the advancement of sustainable
tourism, and the way of implementing the sustainable tourism in Australia.

The study comprises of seven agenda, as given below. In the
first agenda which is background and introduction of sustainable tourism, that
constitutes the definition of it and the previous years of Australian tourism.
Similarly, second content includes the aim and objectives of sustainable
tourism which regards to: a) understanding the concepts b) Understanding the
importance of sustainable tourism c) what are the roles and responsibility to
tourists d) how can you help the development of sustainable tourism e) Raise
awareness in terms of Australia. Moreover, third content includes the
principles of sustainable tourism. In this report, there are also the
advantages and disadvantages of tourism as well as sustainable tourism, and
also have the example of famous tourism area of Australia which is GREAT BARRIER
REEF, and strategy to implement the sustainable tourism in that area.

The set points and targets are to be accomplished inside the
structure of a practical improvement which regards the common and human condition
while in the meantime, augments the advantages to the national economy and
society and secures nature. Likewise, with respect to the neighborhood groups,
monetary development and expanded in general business and social movement are
relied upon to positively affect the personal satisfaction of the indigenous
populace and on all parts of their social and social activities.











Table of Content



Page Number

Introduction and Background






Principles of Sustainable Tourism


Advantages and disadvantages of Tourism


Advantages of Sustainable Tourism


Great Barrier Reef and its Strategy

8, 9



















Introduction and Background

Sustainable Tourism is the industry which can
established a comfortable balanced between the environment, economic, and
socio-cultural aspects of tourisms growth, and also play vital role in
preserving bio-diversity. Tourism may be a best among the world’s fastest rate
of developing commercial enterprises. Sustainable tourism is being most popular
in today’s context of world. Tourism has become an important economic activity
in the world. Well-planned sustainable tourism programs provide opportunities
for the visitor to experience natural areas and human communities. The main benefits of tourism are income creation and
generation of jobs. Talking about the Australian Tourism activity, millions of
people visit Australia in a year. Many important (world famous) places like
Opera House, Darling Harbor Bridge is situated in Sydney. Also, there are many
places and beaches where people enjoy a lot. One of the important place to
visit is Great Barrier Reef of Australia, which plays vital role in the
preservation of tourism industry of Australia. (Taylor and
Francis Online, 2010)

Source: OECD Image


In the above figure, it shows about the
statistical data of tourism in Australia, which is being increased year by
year. Australia is
becoming quicker than all major propelled economies and well over the OECD
normal. The economy is conjecture to develop by 2½ for each penny in both
2015-16 and 2016-17 and to get to 3 for every penny in 2017-18. Close term
financial development is being bolstered by family unit spending, interest in
lodging and fares. This solid financial development is likewise supporting
solid employments development. Very nearly 300,000 employments were made in
2015, the most made in a solitary year since 2007. Worldwide development has
debilitated with development in the United States having directed, proceeded
with languid European development and monetary challenges in various product
sending out nations. Be that as it may, development in Australia’s real
exchanging accomplices is relied upon to stay higher than worldwide
development, mirroring Australia’s exchange connects to East Asia where
development remains generally solid. There are likewise open doors for
Australia as our progress towards the administration segments is synchronized
with developing riches in China and interest for our administrations. (Budget
2016-17, Not dated)



The examination was outlined
utilizing both local experience and also hypothetical information. To meet the
objective of research we connected two kinds of system which are subjective and
quantitative strategies. These methodologies were valuable in discovering data
both at a general level and particular contextual investigation territories. The
accompanying area gives a clarification of the procedures and approach utilized
all through this investigation. The examination focus on the subjective
procedures that look for top to bottom comprehension of the issues of tourism
and the endeavors to make it reasonable tourism. In this report some
examination of a marvels may come about the new thought, which will be the
primary analysis. It ought to be noticed that the exploration centers and
utilized the contextual investigation of neighborhood Australia which have
understanding of economical tourism improvement.



Tourism is considered as the world’s
largest industry for the development. Sustainable tourism provides economic
support for the preservation of natural habitat and its flora and fauna. It
helps in the development of economic status. S0, it is necessary to maintain
the sustainability in the field of tourism. It helps to create employment
opportunity among the people directly or indirectly. With the sustainability in
tourism, it helps to earn more and more foreign currency. This also helps in
the increment in the number of visitors. Some of the objectives of sustainable
tourism includes the following points:

understand the concept: Its main objective is to make people know about the
concept of sustainable tourism.

understand the importance of tourism: Tourism is considered the most growing
industry, so it provides great opportunity of employment to unemployment. Also,
it helps in the conservation of environment, culture and so on.

are the roles and responsibilities of tourist?

can you help in the development of sustainable tourism?



Principles of Sustainable Tourism

Expanding results demonstrates that a
incorporated approach on tourism arranging and oversaw economy will be right
away which should attain reasonable tourism. It is best that there is being
development to fulfill the necessities for accepted urban management, which is
the most important factor for the development of the tourism. Some of the most
important principles of sustainable tourism includes the following points:

authenticity: For attraction to tourists, there must be genuinely relevant to
history, culture, industry, natural resources of the area.

richness:  Sustainable tourism can be
developed by representing the aspiration of local cultural values.

Viability:  To make sustainable tourism,
there must be good economic, and also get involve with community and
collaboration of other business to make more facilities for tourists while

conservation resources:  It helps for
understanding and enjoyment of visitors, and it is only possible if there are
enough conservation resources. 

a good content: Tourists can be attracting to place if it has story related to
historical, cultural and so on.

the experience: By visiting different place, visitors can learn the different
cultural norms and values of various places, which gives good experience to

mutual benefits to tourists and hosts: 
It helps to provide the equal benefits to both tourists and host.

Nature and Cultural Values (Lorton Consulting, Not Dated)




Advantages and Disadvantages of

Tourism not only gives opportunity to
enjoy our life, it also provides lot of opportunity to people. Tourism has lots
of advantages. The key benefits of tourism are economic, socio-cultural and
environmental. We all know that tourism is considered as one of the fast
growing industry in the world.  Tourism
has lots of advantages. The advantages of tourism include employment
opportunity, infrastructure development, cultural preservation, environmental
conservation, foreign exchange, development of health services, and economic
growth of the nation and so on. People get chance to meet new people of
different culture, language of foreign countries which helps to develop foreign
relation among different countries.

Along with advantages, there are some
disadvantages of tourism. The disadvantages of tourism include cultural
destruction, environmental destruction, seasonal employment, negative
lifestyle, unstable market, huge expenditure, time-consuming and so on. In most
of the places tourism causes destruction of wildlife, causes more pollution as
people throw garbage here and there. (Roy, 2014)


Advantages of Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism has many
benefits. Sustainable tourism is beneficial in environmental, social and
economic factors. 

u  Environmental: – Sound
and efficient environmental management of tourism facilities and especially
hotels (water and energy saving measures, waste minimization, and use of
environmentally friendly material) can decrease the environmental impact of
tourism. It helps in the
preservation and maintenance of beautiful lands. It helps to keeps the tourism
area clean and green.

u  Social: – Tourism as
force for peace.
It helps to improve the social life of the people. It also helps in the preservation
and transmission of cultural and historical traditions. It stimulates a
feeling of pride in local and national heritage and interest in its conservation.
Not only culture, we get chance to learn different languages. People learn to
respect every people’s feelings. It also improves the health of the people.

u  Economical:
– Tourism provides great contributions to government revenues. Foreign
exchange earnings come in practice. It also generates employment and business
opportunities. It provides great opportunity to those people who are
unemployment. It also helps in the development of economic status of the


Great Barrier Reef

over 2000KM of Australia northern coast (from south of Papua New Guinea to
Bundaberg), Great Barrier Reef is World’s largest coral system created by
living organism. It is so big that it can be seen as thin white line from the
moon. The Great Barrier Reef consist around 900 islands with rich biodiversity.
It is home to over 1500 species of fish, 400 species of coral any many rare and
endangered species. It was inscribed as word heritage area in 1981 and is
largest world heritage area ever established. 
Great Barrier Reef is protected by Great Barrier Reef Marin Park as it
covers almost all area of barrier reef. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is commonwealth government agency
have an obligation for ensuring the multiple use marine park is used in by
fulfilling the principle of sustainability i.e. protection with commercial

is the major commercial activities in Great Barrier Reef earning over billion
per annual. There are many tourism industries in Great Barrier Reef and they
are major contributor for protection of Great Barrier Reef. So, there exist a
mutual relationship between commercial activities and environmental conversion
in Great Barrier Reef, providing good example of sustainable tourism. Despite,
the sustainability in management of reef, the Great Barrier Reef is dying over
the year and many beautiful corals are washed out each year. The major Tourism
activities in Great Barrier reef is nature based such as scuba diving, fishing,
excursions in glass bottom boats, snorkeling, semi- submersible vessels and
learning about marine environment so there is high interaction between the
habitants of Reef and tourist. This has brought negative impact on eco system
of barrier reef such as damage to habitants of reef such as sea grass and coral
from anchor of ships, poor diving practices, fishing, and water disposal, reef
walking and collecting.

set of best practices are created to manage the tourism activities and tourist
in Marin Park. Many tourism associations have implemented voluntary codes of conducts
to make sure their members operations are sustainable. Some of them are as

By creating
synergies between tourism operations, preservation, research, and heritage
management at the Great Barrier Reef.


·By increasing education and conservation
awareness among the tourism industry and raising their participation in the
governance of the World Heritage site.


By obtaining
regular, applicable long lasting data about the ‘health’ of the Great Barrier
Reef, which supports strategic, not reactive, management.

·(Tourism and the Great Barrier Reef, Not dated)


In conclusion, to make tourism is to be sustainable then it
must move away from traditional growth to sustainable sets of goal and
principles. Sustainable tourism must see as a goal in tourism area. It
developed the economy of the country by attracting the tourists. Also, we can
say that sustainable tourism is the future of tourism.













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