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At the age
of 8 I acquired my first book ‘Human Body Encyclopedia’, and it allowed me to
recognize that the intricate structure of the human body is a beauty; every
body tissue and organ has a unique and vital function allowing us as humans to live
a healthy life. This book drove an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and
understanding of the human body that I wanted to practice in the future. But my
decision to specifically study medicine wasn’t finalized until I was 16 when I
got a firsthand experience of being treated for malaria at the hospital. There
I witnessed the way a doctor not only physically but also emotionally nurtures
a patient back to health inflicted with any calamity to their body while at the
same time keeping a professional and calm composure. After this eye opening
experience I finalized that my future goal was to be a skilled physician
allowing me to treat others suffering any malady, ranging from a simple cold to
the life threatening cancer.

My passion for science and the ambition for a medical career are
reflected in my A-Level subject choices where time management, self-motivated
study and ability to cope with pressure are vital to succeed in the competitiveness
surrounding the curriculum. Biology and chemistry were the obvious choices as I
believed they would allow me to develop the knowledge and practical skills
required while Physics and Math have developed my problem solving skills and
taught me to follow rational processes to deduce results. The extensive information of human biology and problem solving skills
I have gained in my last two years of academic education has provided a solid foundation
on which to build my knowledge and skills for studying and practicing medicine.
I have also independently developed my IT skills through self-learning which I
feel is important in this technological day and age where everything around us
is digitalized and this requires extensive knowledge of the workings of
computers and other electronic devices that are used daily in a medical

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While also
focusing on my academic studies I dedicated myself to two extracurricular
activities in particular, Model United Nations (MUN) and the National Biology
Olympiad. Being an outgoing person it made it obvious that MUN would capture my
attention as it allowed interacting with many students from different
backgrounds and eventually I attended an international conference held in Qatar
called THIMUN where I engaged with students from all over the globe; but the
main reason to join MUN was to debate on international matters and to capture
others people’s perspectives to further enhance my awareness about the world we
live in. I also participated in the National Biology Olympiad where not only
did I learn theoretical concepts in Biology but also the hands-on skills
required in a lab. Overall I came third from nearly 300 candidates but the
experience and knowledge gained helped me anchor myself to my goal and to
convince me to provide my full potential to study medicine in the future. Both
these undertakings allowed me to widen my way of thinking of many real world
problems while MUN especially let me know about many ethical issues plaguing
the world that also might occasionally affect a doctor in the field.

I recognize that being a physician is unlike other jobs and is by no
means an alluring source of easy money that it is often considered to be. Medicine
demands extensive education followed with long working hours making the profession
exhausting and emotionally draining. However, I want to study medicine because
my desire and ability is mainly scientific and to me 6 years of formal
education followed by a lifetime of self-learning sounds like a stimulating
career option and, gratefully, far from the dullness that some other careers
pose. Nevertheless, as I am inherently extroverted, I would relish pursuing a
career requiring strong empathic relationships with patients. Crucially, I know
I have the enthusiasm, capacity for hard work and the open mind necessary to
succeed in the education required to become a successful physician.

medical world is full of intellectual, ethical, physical and emotional
challenges which doctors face on a daily basis, but yet this creates a dynamic profession
which is one of the most rewarding both mentally and physically. My aspiration
for excellence and to succeed within the medical profession will no doubt help
make a difference to the lives of patients in the future.

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