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At the core of
every business whether it is a small or big, there are critical decisions that
impact the success of the company. While operational and managerial decisions
are keys to the business development, financial decisions are crucial to the
future growth and require a keen understanding of the market trends and
business needs.

I come to you
with a high academic and professional profiles. As for the academic, I received
my mechanical engineering degree from the Lebanese University and my master’s
degree in applied mechanical sciences from Ecole Centrale de Nantes-France.
Obtaining both degrees with high academic standing, had paved me the way to
join Dar Al Handasah (Shair and partners) in 2008. In this multinational
engineering consultancy firm, I had developed my leadership skills and
professional experience. My nine years of experience with Dar had provided me
with insightful perspective on problems that encounter the companies, yet it
had reinforced my belief that a MBA degree is a must for business owners. In
June 2017 I moved to Windsor-Canada, where I founded Crystal Minds Consulting
Inc. and the dream has just begun.

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To take my
consultancy firm to the next step and to achieve my career goals, I need to
learn more about current developments techniques in business and finance. A MBA
and MS finance degree will give the tools I need to understand the costs of
managing a business, and teach me to recognize ventures that will produce high
returns on the business. I believe this program will provide me with the
necessary investing and managerial skills that I need to create innovative
business, and strategic financial plans for the firm. My future goal is to
evolve Crystal Minds to multidisciplinary consulting firm that addresses
engineering and project management, business and financial consultancy services.
A MBA and MS Finance will place me in a perfect position to network with many
companies and clients, and will help me to minimize the risks and to implement
decisive plans.

One of the most
successful investors of all time Warren Buffet says: “The best investment you can
make is in yourself.” And if we agree that luck is a result of the combination
between preparation and opportunity, I humbly request the opportunity to join
this program and to translate my preparation throughout the years into business
investments, and in myself.

Your time and consideration are most appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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