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ATLANTA, JANUARY 29, 2018/ MedShare Press Release/ —
Medshare International will be hosting its annual gala fundraiser on Saturday,
April 15. This event will take place at the Georgia Aquarium. It will feature a
live band and special guest appearances from world-renowned Cameroonian soccer
player Samuel Eto’o and Hollywood star/humanitarian Lupita Nyong’o. The event
will also include dinner provided by Affairs to Remember and a silent auction.

Tickets are $300 per person, and there are also full tables for ten available
at $3,000.

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Many places around the world do not have
the proper medical equipment to treat people who are in need. Medshare
International understands that the key to preventing deaths and sickness from inadequate
medical care is by providing the proper care. Everyone needs to have access to
medical care to live a healthy life.


According to the World Health
Organization also known as WHO, As many as 10 million children under the age of
five die from inadequate medical care each year. (Source: World Health


Inadequate medical care is a vast problem
which Medshare wants to combat. The money from the tickets and any donations
made at the Gala will go directly to finding a solution for this humanitarian
crisis by providing medical care, supplies, and equipment to children in need.


The goal of Medshare and their annual
event is to raise at least 300,000 dollars by filling up the Georgia Aquarium
ballroom that seats 1,000 people.  Medshare needs the surrounding Atlanta communities
help to reach this goal and provided these children with a healthier future.


NBA great and founder of the Dikembe
Mutombo Foundation, Dikembe Mutombo stated, “When you give your money away to
Medshare you are giving hope, you are giving life.”





About MedShare International



Medshare International is a humanitarian
organization founded in 1998. Medshare’s mission is to increase the quality of
life in areas around the world. Medshare’s main goal is to provide populations
in need with medical care, supplies, and equipment. Medshare’s presence is in
over 100 countries across the world.


 You can buy tickets to
the Gala or make donations to Medshare at


Contact Us

3240 Clifton Springs Road

Decatur, GA 30034 USA

Tel: 770-323-5858

Fax: 770-323-4301




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