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Banyan Hill publishing gained Paul Mampilly during 2016 when he became a senior editor specializing in helping the average person make investment decisions so they can build better lives. Mampilly’s career started in 1991 on Wall Street with Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager assistant. His career began advancing quickly as he gained more prominent positions within companies managing accounts worth millions. Paul Mampilly was recruited as a manager for Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund during 2006. The firm was worth six billion dollars when Mampilly took over and under his leadership the value of its assets increased to twenty-five billion dollars. During his time as manager the hedge fund’s averaged annual returns were twenty-six percent. He was invited to participate in a competition for investing from The Templeton Foundation.  In one year Mampilly grew a fifty million dollar investment into eighty-eight million dollars during the financial crisis of 2008 through 2009. He got tired of the fast pace and retired to be with his family more but does not think of himself as being retired, Mampilly still makes investments. The focus is now on helping regular people invest for retirement and has founded news letters to help in the effort. Paul Mampilly began True Momentum, a service for research during 2017. Inspiration for Mampilly’s Startup Paul Mampilly left Wall Street because he did not feel as if it enough people are helped by it. People need help when it comes to investment decisions. He went into the publishing of newsletters because it gave him the opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with people no matter what their background was in. The research is affordable to more Americans and Wall Street only caters to the super rich.   Paul Mampilly’s Day Mampilly has been getting up anywhere from five to six in the morning for fifteen years to see what is happening with markets around the world, and checks for news about companies that he follows. The main focus is on the stocks he actively trades, he uses a portfolio tracker to saty up to date on the stocks. Mampilly likes to know what the changes in price are throughout the day and keeps on top of the stocks. Mampilly’s Ideas Reach Fulfilment Paul Mampilly and his team spend as many as forty hours researching to make his recommendations into a reality. There are at least thirty hours writing involved to get his recommendations published.

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