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Based on
my experience during my internship at Summarecon Serpong as my homework, I
better understand how to work as a PR where we are required to maintain the
good name of the company, moreover my daily work is more inclined to media
relations. Adjusting the company remains well tracked by monitoring the
circumstances of its own competitors. The world of work as a Public Relations
is a challenge in itself. A variety of positive ways to build a good corporate
image is a very important thing for a PR in the company. Not only maintaining
good relationship, but also responsible for big things like the event that will
be held. One of the keys is the PR Department intervened, because we will be
dealing directly with the media, press release, informing to the public, and
other stuff that should be needed in an event related to the media and the
public itself.

is not always familiar with the theory, a student must also be able to practice
so as to understand how the importance of communication in life, including in
the organization. Organization is a framework of work of a management process
that shows the division of tasks, obligations and clear role for the personnel (Ibid
pg. XII). meaning that within an organization required structure and division
of work is clear and attached, in which a group or organization also requires
communication that can connect each structure inside. Therefore, the field of
communication that can connect each structure therein. So that makes the field
of communication within groups or organizations can be viewed from two aspects,
namely the communication between management and other aspects of human
relations. The activity of the communications field in general, relates to the
effort to maintain two-way communication or reciprocity for a team of
inter-departmental cooperation, and a group of people within an organization.

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I understand the importance of communication in everyday life. Especially when
we work as a PR. Summarecon Serpong itself has several residental units, sports
club, until retail. In each place there is a PR department. During the first
week of my internship, I was invited to identify some PRs shaded by Summarecon
Serpong, I was assigned to distribute magazines to places like Scientia Square
Park, Pradita Institute, Summarecon Digital Center, The Springs Club, around Gading
Serpong. I meet some of his homework from each place and that is a picture that
in any place the role of PR must always be there. Moreover, the millenial era
shows that I am not wrong to choose this communication department that will
lead me to the important work its role in a company.

2.2 Specific

Relations is actually a structural practitioner who is an integral part of an
institution or organization. That is, PR is not a separate function of the
institutional or organizational functions or in other words is inherent in
corporate management. This makes the PR can hold two-way reciprocal
communication between the organization / company it represents and the public.
This role also determines the success or failure of the mission, vision and common
goals of the organization / institution.

As a
Public Relations is not easy, the ability of PR practitioners in communication
(communication skills) and build a positive relationship. Particularly in
designing PR work programs, and in an effort to hold two-way communication, the
role of in and the management function is absolutely necessary. It is not
surprising that a communications expert says that public relations activities
are a blend of art and a combination of social sciences capable of analyzing trends
and predicting what and what effects will occur in the future. That is, Public
Relations requires thought, and the conception of a planning, organizing,
communicating, as well as coordinating a serious and rational in an effort to
achieve the common goals of the organizations / institutions they represent.
The success of the work or work achievement of the public relations parties is
inseparable from the professionalism capabilities of individuals involved in
organizational management activities that also demand a set of knowledge,
skills, honesty, loyalty, and high credibility.

I dealt
with media a lot, that is why media relations is one of the most important
aspects of this company. According to James Grunig, communicating with the
public must be the first thing to do. In this case, the company needs a tool to
give information to the public which the media is able to provide. On the other
hand, media also needs stories; good or bad. Maintaining a good relationship
with the public helps Summarecon Serpong in so many ways starting from
dissemination of accurate information to crisis management. Media should not be
considered the enemy or contacted only whenever the company needs something.
Instead, it is a relationship that has to be nurtured and maintained in a
long-term manner. So when the company needs to inform about new programs and/or
events, the media will gladly do it.

relations involves how representatives of an organizations work with
represntatives of the news media. Media relations is the relationship between
the organization and members of the media. The goal of media relations is to
garner positive media coverage for an organization. Media relations played a
very small in this First Reform Era in the US. Public Speeches, sermons, and brochures
were the preffered communication tactics (Coombs & Holladay, 2007b). As my
job desk, I was taught how to calculate how big news value the company got and
so did other competitors. In this way, the company will still be able to
monitor how well ahead so as not to lag far from other competitors.

media relations occurs when the news media report the desired information about
an organization or person. Organizations rarely subscribe to the belief that
“any publicity is good publicity.” Stories about corruption, harmful products,
or environmental abuses are not good publicity. The question becomes, “What is
publicity?” Good publicity is when a story is created and reflects the desired
interpretation or frame of the information. A frame helps people to interpret
information by calling attention to specific aspects of an event or story.
Frames also can define problems and suggest solutions to those problems (Zoch
& Molleda, 2006). Maintaining good relations with the press is one of the
strategies used by corporate PR to continue to work with the company to get
news value and a good image for the public. Summarecon Serpong also actively
participates in the use of social media and maintains a direct relationship
with the public.

Not only
media relations I have learnt in my internship, but also manner in a real world
of working in a company especially when I became as Public Relations.
Psychologist Abraham Maslow suggested that the physical, identity social, and
practical needs we have been discussing fall into five hierarchical categories,
each of which must be satisfied before we concern ourselves with the less
fundamental needs. The most basic of these needs is physical: sufficient air,
water, food, and rest, and the ability to reproduce as a species. The second of
Maslow’s needs is safety: protection from threats to our well-being. Beyond
physical and safety needs are the social needs we have mentioned already.
Maslow suggests, each of us has self-esteem needs: the desire to believe that
we are worthwhile, valueable people. The final category of needs described by
maslow is self-actualization: the desire to develop our potential to the
maximum, to become the best person we can be. That’s how important basic to be
a human being. Communication is a big deal as a PR, so I have basic to plunged myself
into the world of work.

2.3 Major Obstacles

obstacles I had to overcome in my internship were my lack of confidence, lack
of work experience and lack of knowledge about technology. I need a lot of
exercising myself how to use any computer programs like Microsoft Excel. It is
such a important thing when it comes to calculating my job desk. I dealt with
it every daily basis. I had to be explained and taught about a lot of things
during my first days of the internship because the professional world is so
much more complex from the theories and practices I have learned so far. They
expect different types of results from my work. It is quite challenging as it
is up to me to deliver my best performance to the superiors and yet satisfying
to them. The tasks given were sometimes hard and confusing. Even more, I have
internship-mate that were older than me, they were in their eldest semester, so
in order to making myself equal with them, I have to keep up with the same job
desk. During my first days of internship, I couldn’t get facility that has been
given by the company, it is because I was count as external person. But, in the
end, problem solved I finally get a chance to get the equal facility as a
workers. Because how come I will do my job desk if I can’t have any facility
like such. I lack confidence in many aspects. The most often would be asking my
supervisor’s approval for everything I was doing. I was constantly afraid that
I might not have done a good job or for being criticized.


2.4 Suggestions

The only
thing that can be done to overcome the lack of work experience is to gain
experience. This internship has helped me so much in gaining experiences.
Throughout my internship, I was given the opportunity to explore many different
things related to my major. By exploring all sorts of different things, I have
gained more skills in doing different types of jobs in addition to finding out
what sorts of things suit me best. The most important thing is to boost my self-confidence.
The process of learning requires multiple trials and errors so it is acceptable
to not do well at first and constantly improve through practice. Experience is
one of the most crucial aspects in gaining confidence because I believe that the
more experienced I am, the more I will be able to handle jobs.

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