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Batman BY NEf21 Neftaly Garrido English 121, MS. sell Argumentative Essay November 4, 2013 Corrupt Ways “The Dark Knight” directed by Christopher Nolan, is a film where Batman fights the psychopathic and crime hungry Joker, who tries every way to corrupt and end Batman’s life. The Joker tries to take Batman down by exploiting his weakness such as his love and family. One of the big things the Joker does in this movie is he corrupts people or makes more corrupt. This film displays many examples of corruption; one corruption that stands out in this film is police corruption.

These men that contribute o police corruption are men that are willing to anything to have power and control over others. Police corruption affects our society in many ways: it affects the trust of civilians, by the police protect felons, and by the police committing crimes. Our society is hurt by many other things but for our police forces to be hurting our society, the people we trust to protect us, is Just not right. Civilians are supposed to trust their local police officers and not be afraid of them.

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That’s not the case in Chicago, the Chicago police force believes that increasing more foot patrols on high-crime rate street it will lower crimes. This action has cause the opposite and it has caused fear for the local residents. The police are starting to stop and frisk random innocent residents. Dianna, 17 year old girl, “If you ask them why you’re being stopped, they get mad. They have total power over you”(Trice). The residents are scared Just to walk down the street because they know what kind of power the police have and residents know the police will violate that power.

The police are not resolving the crime rate problem; the residents are not helping because they fear the police. The Chicago tribune says about this issue “One of the iggest challenges has been getting residents[… ] to cooperate with the law enforcement. While some residents fear reprisals from the bad guys, many others say negative run-ins with the police have created a culture of distrust”(Trice). Cops are creating more fear into the residents by stopping them and frisking them when they are only going for a walk. These police officers tend to have attitudes which put more fear into the residents.

One scene in The Dark Knight that demonstrated citizen’s lack of trust was when the Gotham police commissioner Gordon is transporting a lawyer that knows Batman’s identity because the Joker told the Gotham citizens if this man isn’t killed in the next hour he would blow up a hospital. Gordon brings an officer with for more protection but doesn’t realize this officer is out to kill the innocent lawyer. This displays why civilians don’t trust police officers not only because they put fear in them but also because they might kill at times.

Another way the corruption of police forces affects our society is by police protecting felons. Police should be protecting the civilians that live in the town they serve not the felons that hurt and kills the innocent residents. One case was a police epartment protected an officer felon that had attacked an unarmed bartender. pound bartender, Karolina Obrycka, after she saw that the off-duty officer was too intoxicated. The officer took it to offence and proceeded to bring her outside and beat her with his hands.

Police men called the bartender various times threading the bartender and telling her not to press charges. The Bartenders lawyer “released the video, sparking international outrage and one of the most embarrassing incidents in the Police Department’s history’ (Pearce). The Chicago Police not only protected a felon but they turned their back on an innocent person. The Chicago Police threaten this woman and they also were exposed to the public by this video. Another case that shows how a police force protects felons is the David Mack and Rafael Perez case.

Perez and Mack both worked for the LAPD Rampart division, both also worked for the felons of the Death Row Records and were members of Bloods gangs. Mack was implicated in the murder of rapper, Notorious BIG. The LAPD protected the officer Mack telling the media he had nothing to do with the murder. He was later of convicted of robbing a bank. Once again a police force protects a felon that has come rom within the force; this affects our society greatly. In The Dark Knight Commissioner Gordon protects every single officer in his unit then one officer turns his back on him.

That officer helps the Joker kidnap Harvey dent. Gordon later learns not to trust the officers he protected. Many officers abuse their power and corrupt the system and they are felons protected by their police force. Many police officers are very corrupt and committed crimes that we wouldn’t think a person that was supposed to protect the innocent and unarmed would do. Some of these corrupt cops have committed awful crimes that it is sad to see it come from our olice forces. One of case is the Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracapa case.

Caracapa and Eppolito worked for the NYPD but secretly worked the people they were investigating, which was the mafia (Gane). These trusted officers worked for some of the most harmful felons. Both were hitmen for the Lucchese crime family and killed many men for them. Later they both convicted for racketeering, obstruction of Justice, extortion and eight counts of murder and conspiracy (Gane). Both officers committed more crimes than the average person arrested. Another case that demonstrates the crime committed by police officer is the Joseph Miedzianowski case. Miedzianowski, a former Chicago police officer was a drug kingpin.

He used the skills he learned on the street to run his drug business. He ran his own drug gangs while running the Chicago gangs unit (Gane). In 2001, he was convicted of 10 counts of drug conspiracy and racketeering. We trusted theses men and they abused their power by being corrupt and committing awful crimes. In one of the scenes in the Dark Knight, the Joker corrupts an officer by telling the officer if he does what he says he will whatever amount of money he wants. The officer proceeds to do what the Joker said; which was o kidnap Harvey Dents girlfriend and Batman’s lover.

These examples show officers are corrupt and are willing do to anything for money and power even if it means committing traitorous crimes. Police officers never seem to be afraid to abuse their power, sometimes they do it for the good but those who abuse their power for their own good corrupt the system. Corrupt officers not only give their fellow innocent officers a bad name but they also give the police force and the people they protect a bad name. We need to stop police hitmen and putting fear on innocent residents. The only way to fght this is to make ure we keep watch on our police forces very closely.

If not they will affect our society in a bad way by letting them commit crimes, let them protect felons and also by losing the trust of the people they protect. Worked Cited Gane, Casey. “The Top 5 Most Corrupt U. S. Police Officers Of All-Time. ” News One RSS. N. p. , n. d. Web. 05 Nov. 2013. Trice, Dawn T. “More Police, More Arrests, More Fear. ” Chicago Tribune. N. p. , 26 Apr. 2013. Web. 05 Nov. 2013. Pearce, Matt. “Jury Rules Chicago Police ‘code of Silence’ Protected Felon Cop. ” Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 14 NOV. 2012. web. 05 NOV. 2013.

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