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  “Being A Good Speaker Gives Tremendous Benefits” One of the interesting topics that I recently read was, ‘Identify Speechmaking’s  Benefits’ from the book “The Public Speaking Playbook” by Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble. When I was reading this chapter, I can see that the author mentioned a lot of benefits about good speakers throughout the chapter, and it demonstrates how developing public speaking skills can help us realize personal, professional, and social goals. Being a good speaker means not only the ability to stand in front of people and convey his or her message by speaking smoothly, but also communicating with families, neighbours, coworkers and friends. Good speaking skills give great benefits to our personal life, family, and society. I agreeing with the author, a  good speaker can build up a good personal life without difficulty. In the book ‘ the public speaking playbook’ authors stated that ” Success in public speaking helps you grow professionally, your ability to attain professional success in related to your ability to communicate effectively.”(page 4): for instance, a person who has a great capability to talk effectively, it will help with his or her in career. In terms of getting a job, interviewers measure our speaking capability; if we do speak well with confidence, it will really help to get a job. Moreover, it will help to maintain a good relationships with co-workers and superiors: In that way, he or she can get good scores in yearly evaluations, that will help to get increase in salary or promotion in job position as well. I strongly believe that if there is a good speaker in each family, it will help us live in peace and harmony with all family members without gossiping about and fighting one another. In addition, a good speaker in the family can give a good instruction about how to spend money and give advanced knowledge about new technologies. Moreover, a good speaker can solve problems very quickly. In other hand,When any of our family members is depressed or upset, a good speaker can speak motivational words to them to help strengthen their resolve. I strongly believe that the rise and progress of society is dependent on public speaking. In the book ‘ The Public Speaking Playbook ‘ the authors stated that ” public speaking gives you opportunities to let other know the issue you care about and want them to care about, too. By speaking up, and listening to other who speak up, you exercise effective citizenship” (page 5). In other words, people expressing their thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, desires, goals and persuasions are help our society become more developed. For instance, during election, we vote someone who has more speaking capability.

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