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Bible Proverb 13:20 says ‘Walk with the wise and become wise,
for a companion of fools suffers harm.’  People you surround yourself
with, reflect your personality. A poor farmer’s son who became a renowned
professor of Political Science, a mother who went against her family and stood
up against inter-caste marriage, or the girl who made her way to the top 10
dentists of the city: These are the people I live with, and I’m the average of
them. It is not just my statement of purpose but my family’s statement of
purpose. The legacy of breaking the old orthodox culture combined with the high
hopes  & support to achieve prominence lead me to pursue master’s
degree from an overseas university. 


I got my first personal computer in 2003, and from that year
I’ve just exploited PCs at every level. While my friends were busy playing with
legos, I was dissembling computers. By the end of high school, creating an
algorithm for programs gave me thrills. I wanted to do my bachelor’s in
Computer Science Engineering(CSE), but my advisor cum mentor asked me to opt
for Biomedical engineering. Due to less popularity, I was quite bothered about
the scope and my career, but the four years I spent at Shri Govindram Seksaria
Institute of Technology & Science taught me to gaze with undimmed eyes on
all darkness. 

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Being a comic book fan especially Ironman, I am highly
fascinated by Brain-computer interface, Medical Image processing, and Artifical
Intelligence. My project on ‘Sway Analysis’ instilled the idea of incorporation
of CSE concepts into Biomedical Engineering, an idea which in future will turn
out to be the most logical extensions of my objectives. The training in
Embedded systems and the exposure to real-world instrumentation at CHL
Hospital’s internship gave me the practical knowledge that my inquisitive mind
was searching. At the offset of my master’s degree, I would prefer to pursue
Ph.D. in the relevant domain.


The reason I am applying for Purdue University’s master program
is that the research areas and publication of the faculties; matches my area of
interest and thereby ensuring the synergetic relationship between student and
the professor. Also, to pursue an active career in research and to strengthen
the link between humans and machines, I have to explore and understand the
subtle nuances of the subject, which only your flexible curriculum will
justify. I might face formidable and inevitable challenges which may invite
stress to person’s life, and therefore my antidote for the same is dance, which
stands as one of the most crucial element in my life for it undoubtedly
rejuvenates oneself as it is always the secret language of one’s soul. I will
not just increase my knowledge, but I shall be improving my overall persona.


If provided with the right set of circumstances, I would comport
myself creditably in your academic environment and thereby contribute my share
to scholarly milieu at your institution.


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