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BLESSINGS COPY CENTER & BOOK BINDING SERVICESYour Reliable & Affordable One-Stop Binding and Digital Print ShopBlessings can deliver all your printing requirements. From loose sheets, soft-bound, plastic-bound, and wire-bound documents to books, booklets, brochures, thesis, calling cards, posters and  more – we’ve got your printing and binding needs covered!1.    About UsBlessings is a company comprised of creative, experienced and dedicated people endowed with the indefatigable mission to provide digital printing, photocopying and binding services at the most affordable rates.History Originally established at Stall No. 27 U.P. Shopping Center inside U.P. Diliman Campus in Quezon City in September 1995, to render photocopying and bookbinding services to students, professors, U.P. Diliman residents and other walk-in customers Blessings has branched out to other Metro Manila sites such as Katipunan in Quezon City, RCBC Tower in Makati City, Ateneo Law School in Rockwell, Makati City, Ateneo School of Medicine in Pasig and UST Dapitan. More branches will soon to open within the year. About Ms. Imelda Gines (Imee)The company was started as a single proprietorship by Ms. Imelda “Imee” N. Gines, a Batch ’91 graduate of Far Eastern University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Management. Initially assisted by only three photocopying operators, a binder, and a cashier. Students’ clamor for quality service at reasonable prices prompted her to put up other branches within the University Campus. Blessings and moreBlessings has been incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission in August 2004. It also has offered, thru sister companies the related student services for computer and internet services at Greenshoppe Cybernet, Kompyuteran ng Iskolar ng Bayan “ISKO” both located in UP Shopping Center, and Vinzons Hall at U.P., Diliman Quezon City.Partnerships and Photocopy Rentals Blessings provide small, medium and large businesses with reliable photocopiers, at more reasonable prices than are found elsewhere. For this reason we have a trusted reputation in universities, law firms and non-profit organizations. 2.    ServicesBlessings offers a variety of printing and copying services. Whether it’s a black & white flyer or a full-color brochure, Blessings has the tools and expertise to give you what you need. And if you’re unsure about your options, we’re happy to talk you through them.We offer both black & white and color digital printing. For copy jobs, we have state-of-the-art black & white and color copier equipment that will create crisp, clean prints. You can stop by or submit copy jobs to us in person or send us your job online.We  offer full-color printing and copying, image reduction and enlargement, duplication and high-speed photocopying services, to finishing services like hard binding, soft binding, plastic binding, coil binding, lamination, and gold stamping.As an online printing service for everyone, we are pleased to offer a wide range of print products. Document options include: ?    A5 to A0 sizes?    Black and white or full-color?    Loose or bounda.    Print & Copy i.    Black and White Photocopy ServicesBecause black and white prints only use one ink color (black, which also happens to be the cheapest), the cost of black and white printing is actually the cheapest option.ii.    Full-Color Photocopy ServicesBlessings offer full-color digital and on-demand printing services. Our printer and copiers produce outstanding color from either digital or hard copy originals.  At Blessings, digital printing is fast, easy and affordable. Do you need 100 business cards? 1000?  By tomorrow?  No problem!iii.    Large Format PhotocopyBlessings offer excellent print quality, fast turnaround times, competitive prices, and graphic design services to suit your large-format printing needs.iv.    RisographBlessings offer Riso graph printing and duplication in Metro Manila at affordable rates.  b.    Finishing Servicesi.    Hard BindingWe work with all materials including cloth, paper and leather, we can heat stamp and emboss all surface including gold, silver and other colors. Hardbound books have a formal and eloquent look to them – like the usual books we see in the library. The ‘binding strips’ are available in assorted colors and you may have text printed on them, such as a title, volume, author name, or all the above. The one thing to remember with hard binding is that, like real books, they do not open completely ‘flat’ and therefore would not make a good choice for something like a manual, which you would need to have lying wide open.1)    Book Plates : Personalize your books with our vast array of custom book plates.2)    Thesis Printing and Binding: We reproduce your research works and bind them for your creative and quality presentation.3)    Legal Binding: Legal documents often have tabs and fancy panel lines on the spine. We bind law books, reviewers and other legal references.4)    Textbook Binding: We rebind worn-out or damaged textbooks. We also offer hard binding services for personalized photo albums, diaries, travel journals and sketchbooks.ii.    Soft Binding Soft binding services can be done at the shop and can usually be completed while you wait. Softbound books are available in a variety of colors and make an excellent choice for documents that must open ‘flat’.1)    Paperback BindingLightweight and professional, paperback book printing is ideal for reports, reference books, yearbooks, novels and more. 2)    Stapled BookletsStapled booklet printing is an affordable option for documents like brochures, catalogues, magazines, comics and more. Page count must be a multiple of 4. If not, additional blank pages will be automatically added to the end of the booklet.iii.    Plastic Ring Binding Similar to spiral binding, Comb Binding is a good choice for larger size documents that must open flat on a work surface. Cook books, educational materials, and manuals are often bound this way. Plastic ring binding allows you to remove or add pages to your bounded books.  iv.    Coil BindingDocuments will open flat on a desk, and allows 360 degree rotation of bound pages.v.    Punch Binding: 3-Hole or 2-Hole Punch binding is done by 3-hole punching the paper and inserting a metal ring binder through the holes. This is great if you are out in the field battling the elements and/or wish to add or subtract pages at a later date. Ring binders are easily unbound by hand and can just as easily be rebound again.Three-Ring Binders are also available, if you prefer.2-hole punching is another option. The only difference being that the two holes are typically ON TOP of the paper, as opposed to the LEFT side of the paper. The 2-hole punch on-top method is widely used in the medical and law    LaminationBlessings are well-equipped with cost-effective lamination services that will secure your printed products for long-term use. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure your materials are designed, printed and laminated with the highest level or service and quality that you can rely on to make sure your documents are preserved and protected. vii.    Gold & Silver StampingWe can heat stamp and emboss materials including cloth, paper and leather, with gold and silver foils. Heat stamp or hot foil stamping adds shimmer and texture to highlight specific text. c.    Copier Rental & LeaseYour Trusted and Affordable Source for Photocopier Rentals in Metro ManilaBlessings provide small, medium and large businesses with reliable photocopiers, at more reasonable prices than are found elsewhere. For this reason we have a trusted reputation in universities, law firms and non-profit organizations. Call or email us to request more information about our photocopier rental packages and find the option that is best for you.d.    Online ServicesIf you know all of the details of your printing job, you can submit your digital files to us electronically.Online Order Procedure1)    Send the complete details of your inquiry through our live chat system or email us at [email protected]    2)    For services that need client’s approval, a sample copy will be forwarded for client’s comments, editing and approval.    3)    Our online support staff will get back to you the soonest   possible time to answer your inquiry and finalize your order.4)    After finalizing your order, a billing statement will be   sent through your email. Kindly settle 50% down payment through our BDO account. 5)    Once down payment has been made, kindly email us a copy so we can facilitate your order. You will then receive an email once your order is ready for pickup.6)    Please prepare the payment for the balance and proceed to Blessings Copy Center, stall 27, U.P.  Shopping Center, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City.3.    Branches4.    Contact Us

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