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1/2/11 Boston Common Ever since my first day at Sutter Middle School I have always looked forward to going on the trip to Boston with Mrs. Cooperman’s class. This is a huge opportunity for an 8th grader like myself to be pushed above their limits and fly across the country with their close friends and with their teacher. Since this trip is coming up I have taken the liberty into researching where I am about to go and what I am about to see. One historical landmark that caught my eye would be the Boston Common.

At first the name struck me as being somewhere boring or somewhere that I wouldn’t find interesting. As I took a second look I came to discover that the Boston Common is a park. This is not Just some ordinary park it’s the oldest park in the country and it’s almost 50 acres in size! Today, the Boston Common is the anchor for the Emerald’s necklace. The Emerald’s necklace is a united system of parks that runs throughout the pleasant neighborhoods of Boston. This park is used for many different activities, and it has so much history behind it.

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Until 1817, public hangouts took place in this park, and until 1830 cattle was grazed here. I believe that the most interesting fact about this park would be that British troops camped here because of the American Revolution, and they left from here to the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. Not only does this park behold history of battles, farming, and hangouts from memories of the past, inspiring people have visited and represented themselves by giving speeches in the Boston Common.

These were people such as Martin Luther King Jr. Gloria Steinem, and Pope John Paul The reason why I feel that there is a need to visit this landmark is because it’s so much different than the other monuments that I have already seen, and the ones that we will visit in Boston. When I went to Washington DC I visited some magnificent monuments, however none of them really had wildlife and living nature exposed along with it. And if I did, it had tombstones everywhere. Arlington Cemetery) Also, from my research most of the other monuments in Boston are man made structures hat have so much history packed into one small house, which is still cool but not the same as the Boston Common. The Boston common has a lot to offer and since it is so spread out we can really take a step back and think about what it was like to be in this large, fertile area hundreds of years ago. Since it is so vast we have the ability to find self discovery and connect with history on a more personal level.

Another reason why it would be a good idea to visit this monument is because it is open all day veryday, so this way it can work around our schedule and we aren’t so limited in time. At this park we don’t need to be told “don’t touch that! ” or “be quiet! ” because it Is a park. However, Sutter M1001e scnool students are still aware 0T our surrounalngs and are respectful to others and historical landmarks. This beautiful space of land would be a excellent choice for the list of wonderful activities we will encounter in Boston. The trip is only a few months away and we have to make the best of it!

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