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1.0  Introduction: 100

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The third
tallest hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, UAE. It is a
high-tech luxury hotel with a shape resembling the sail of a ship. It stands on
an artificial island and is connected to the mainland by a private curving
bridge. Burj Al Arab opened in December 1999. Burj Al Arab is the epitome of exceptional
service. Each floor boasts of a devoted reception for the solace and comfort of
the visitors. Every single visitor’s needs are addressed by butlers, 24 hours
daily. The staff-to-suite ratio at Burj Al Arab is 8:1 and it is one of the
most noteworthy proportions on the planet.

1.1 Research
Aim: 50

The first and
foremost aim of this research is to evaluate certain variables to guarantee
most extreme hospitality and administration. It is vital to analyze the present
butler benefit procedures took after at the hotel. The research looks forward
to analyze and find out whether the procedures have helped in enhancing the
hospitality execution. The research also means to suggest certain appropriate
techniques for enhancing the proficiency and adequacy of the butler services at
Burj Al Arab.

1.2 Problem
Statement: 100

1.3 Research Objectives:

To determine the
current butler service strategies followed at Burj Al Arab

To evaluate the factors
of butler services ensuring an improved performance for the hotel industries

To analyse whether Burj
Al Arab’s butler service strategies have helped the hotel in improving
hospitality performance

To recommend suitable
strategies to Burj Al Arab for improving its efficiency and effectiveness

1.4 Research Question:

What is the current
butler service strategies followed at Burj Al Arab?

What are the factors of
butler services that ensure an improved performance for the hotel industries?

How can Burj Al Arab’s
butler service strategies help the hotel in improving hospitality performance?

What possible
strategies could Burj Al Arab take for improving its efficiency and

Literature Review: 350

3.0 Research methodology:

3.1 Research
philosophy: 100

3.2 Research approach:

3.3 Research
design: 100

3.4 Type of
investigation: 100

3.5 Research
strategy: 100

3.6 Data type:            100

3.7 Data
collection process: 250

Secondary data collection:

Primary data collection:

3.8 Sample size
and Sampling technique: 100

3.9 Data
analysis process: 100

Data analysis is
about the subtle elements. Quantitative information has been evaluated by
scrutinizing the hotel employees and recording the criticism. The criticism has
been presented by different organized presentations. The managers’ responses
have been clarified totally to address the current circumstance. A couple of
valid considerations of famous creators have been associated to connect the
research outcomes with the current suggestions. The data measurement has been
driven along these lines to relate between the researches conclusions.

3.10 Ethical
considerations: 100

The most
important aspect of any research work is ethical consideration. Everybody
related with the research needs to be trustworthy, highly esteemed,
respectable, decent and fair. Thinking about the same, the analyst has
safeguarded the privacy of each employee and manger of the hotel. Nothing has
been done to hamper the brand image. In the midst of data assembling, the
specialist has considered the mutual endorsement of all the participants. Data
integrity has been highly maintained. In addition, no examination data has been
used for any sort of profit-making purposes.

Accessibility issues and research limitations: 

Choosing and
contacting only two managers and chalking out a meeting with both of them were significant
issues. Once more, as the quantitative data has been drawn closer through the
online survey poll approach, thus sudden power cut and system disappointment
could raise an issue in the midst of the investigation. Regardless of whether
every one of the employees would revert or not was likewise another prime
concern. The validity of the overview acted to be a confinement like it was
directed on the web. Moreover, the availability of all employees and managers
engaged with the interim could in like manner be a hindrance in the midst of
amassing of the exploration information.

3.12 Timescale:
Gantt chart (paste the chart in Appendix)

Recommendation: 300

Conclusion: 50




Question 1: Has the top level management of Burj Al
Arab able to adopt a perfect butler service approach at the hotel?


Question 2: Do you get effective training session before
executing butler services in the hotel room of Burj Al Arab?


Question 3: Do you think effective implementation of
butler service has influenced the customers’ satisfaction level towards Burj Al


Question 4: Among the following options what
according to you, may the management of Burj Al Arab do, in order to improve the
overall performances?







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