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Cardiovascular diseases
are the number one causes of death. Whether it is a heart attack, stroke,
arrhythmia or heart valve problems, the problem remains that most Americans die
to cardiovascular diseases. Some factors come into play that cause the risk of
cardiovascular disease to increase, and there are those factors that cannot be
changed. Although people assume that if a person takes care of themselves
physically and looks after their health to be healthy they can eliminate this
problem, the fact is they cannot. Becoming healthy may reduce the chances of
such diseases, but it does not eliminate. Even healthy people are capable of
being at risk to cardiovascular diseases.

            There are factors that can be changed which are called
modifiable factors. Such factors include: physical activity, tobacco use, diet,
blood lipids, hypertension, and obesity. Regardless of your state, being
physically active can increase your life span and lower your coronary heart
disease by thirty percent (Risk Factors). Physical activity with proper diet
and nutrition can reduce hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity and much
more. Physical activity improves the immune system, increases and strengths the
body and its way of function. A factor that can increase cardiovascular diseases
if not controlled is tobacco use. As stated by the World Heart Federation,
smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease by damaging organs and the
heart, increasing fat in the arteries, increasing clotting, and causing the
heart to pump faster (Risk Factor). It has been shown that women who smoke are
more at risk than men and they could smoke less than men but me more at danger,
which is due to our biological differences. Lastly, hypertension or high blood
pressure can induce stress on your body and cause the blood vessels to tighten
or weaken causing the heart rate to accelerate in order to pump the blood
throughout your body.

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            The factors that can be changed to reduce the risk of
cardiovascular disease can be managed with proper nutrition, diet and physical
activity. However, there are those risks that cannot be changed such as: family
history, age, sex, ethnicity, diabetes, and even your financial state. Family
history plays a large role in a person’s life. If there is a history of heart
disease in the family, that person has a greater risk to heart disease compared
to a person who does not have a family history of heart disease. Age as well as
sex play a significant role in that matter. Men have the highest risk to
cardiovascular disease compared to women pre-menopause; however, after
menopause both men and women have the same amount of risk for cardiovascular
disease. The older a person becomes, the more prone they are to heart failure
or cardiovascular diseases and this is due to the body as a whole slowly
deteriorating and the organs such as the heart being to weaken, and so does the
musculoskeletal system. Diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease
because of increase in the blood pressure. This is not changeable if it is Type
1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the body’s immune system produces little to
no insulin at all, and insulin is needed to process sugar. This diabetes has no
cure. Although injecting insulin will help the person, it does not cure the
person nor decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Lastly, a person’s
financial state can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, If a person is
poor and cannot afford to purchase food, they begin to starve. The starvation
deprives the body of proper nutrients and the body will essentially begin to
feed on itself. In this case, the person will not be able to physically
maintain themselves for their body is not receiving nutrients to strengthen it,
and the body will weaken and so will the immune system. This weakening can
increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

            Cardiovascular diseases can be
fought with proper nutrition, diet and exercise; however, even healthy people
can have a high risk to cardiovascular diseases.

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