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Peace education
is a universal term which actually use for us to declare our reality, desirability
and admire. Everyday peace educational term use in friendship, peacefulness, coherence,
harmony, confederacy, pacification and neutrality. Likewise, the real mediator
may be the evaluator, facilitator, intermediate, as well as arbitrator. Even through
few kind of clarifications are best well-matched, they are basically even now confidently
limited both in explanations associated with nature from the peace, often the
position with the arbitrators. Every investigation, the wildlife of the real
peace and also the peace expansion, in direction to state-run. Consequently, must
pay these types of condition that favor over other people regarding the beginning.
The essential notions from the peace truly are a suitable truths, independence
as well as humanoid actualities permissible human rights. Furthermore, it comprises
a small no of defensive methods such as discordance medication, in order to peaceful
events, expansion of the indigenous communal and also the democratization from
the professional (Leo, Sandy & Perkins, 2001)

Peace Education measured
the most essential element of Primary Education. It helps the students to
improve cognizance regarding processes and abilities which can important to
understand the patience and information in the present day. It helps to know
the particular ideals and also capability related with personal debate to
support the quiet trade with the peoples as well as realms round the world.
Peace Education supports in undertaking matters and thinks favorably about the
problems concerning fight as well as passion. Peace Education is possibly the momentous
worries now these days since there is intensity almost universally. At this
time there is grim necessity to deliver such learning concerning peace to the whole
world which can eradicate violence. In order to takes the peace in the whole
world we have to coach our kids. Thus, the substance of peace basically comprised
in the prospectus in schools. As this substance will accommodating to the scholars
to know the position of harmony and by devoted they can raise better conditions
about peace. In accumulation the children also know the implication and situation
of the public moralities. To deliver education for the peace to the learners we
need such instructors who are entirely qualified and have full understanding
about it (UNESCO, 2005).

In the university,
the main obligation is to have a passive and discreet atmosphere that is a philosophy
of peace. As a substitute of holding peace in schools should inductee from organization
by escalating outlook and behavior of collaboration, self-assurance and essence
of scholarship. Expansion of common admiration between teachers and student in
a pleasant way. A culture of peace will blossom obviously in university. The
peace standards, models and behavior of living systems are surely familiarized
in the school’s daily life (UNESCO, 2005).

There are international
trials which Pakistan is currently plaster like insufficient authority, bad
social disorders caused by socio-economic backwardness, high growing in inhabitants,
high redundancy, unacceptable skill expansion scarce education inadequate ability
in the organization as well as party-political variability. Covered all the
system that, there is a great accelerating contagion concerning violence originate
in our domain. According to south Asia Terrorism entrance in conclusion containing
till the end of (February, 2014) Pakistan formerly had suffer almost 393
suicide ballast( in which is 76
in( 2009) ,49
in (2010), 41
in (2011), 39
in (2012), 43
in( 2013), and at least till currently (11 in 2014). Laterally with a
large number of marksman efforts and triggers related with interruption like vilifying
volatile expedient at the places where a huge number of people subsists and training
the government places as well life control centers of army and police colleges etc.
Pakistan truly experiential the concrete eliminations of the party-political
leaders into civilian war that originated as a result of army actions. At this
time there is ominous need to deliver such education concerning peace to our
country which can abolish violence particularly in the ethnic areas. To bring
the peace in our country we expressly need to train our children from the didactic

To bring the peace
in the whole world we have to train our children. Therefore, the issue of peace
basically included in the curriculum in schools. As this subject will helpful
to the students to know the importance of peace and by involved they can progress
better states about peace. In adding the broods also know the implication and rank
of the social rights. To deliver education for the peace to the scholars we
need educators who are fully qualified and have full knowledge about it.

Teacher’s role
is very important in encouraging peace education seeing a change mediator in
the society, which can adapt and rewrite the attitudes, drifts, and rules,
cultural and social standards to authorize the future cohort to peace. A
teacher can provide the best knowledge to build the image in positive

In order to answer
to countrywide the mounting needs in the field of teacher education and
training, the Government of the Punjab appropriated a vibrant step by creating
the  focus on the discipline of education
and teacher training by offering a large number of program in various
discipline like P.HD Education,  M.Phil
education and M.A Education, playing a important role in preparation of
prospective Teachers and covering material involved in the curriculum in encouraging
peace Education and peace culture in the humanity all over Punjab.

of the Study

This research has been designed to
achieve the objectives is perceptions of  
prospective teachers about peace education


 Research Questions

1. What is the level of Preparedness of
prospective Teachers?

2. Is Prospective teachers boost confidence
and hope about the peace education?

3. Are prospective Teachers encouraging
independent thinking in students about to peace education?

4. Are Prospective Teachers willing
problem solving skills about to peace education?

5. Are Prospective Teachers prepared can
build communication skills about to peace education?

6. Are prospective Teachers prepared for
peace Education by Gender?

7. Are prospective Teachers adopting
peace education in the curriculum?

8. Do prospective Teachers understand the
domains of transformation of violence into peace education?

9. Are prospective Teachers prepared for
peace Education by universities seminars / Program?

10. Are prospective teachers should be
promote peace education in university level?


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