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Bernard’s approaches are being applied at AMAZE in numerous ways. Barnard
believed that as long as workers are satisfied, company goals would be met as
well as authority would be accepted. Barnard also believed that incentives are
a good way to keep workers happy. At AMAZE the employees are rewarded for their
good work and success by their own initiative in a few different ways. Bernard
believed that while financial incentives are effective non-financial incentives
are also very effective. For an example at AMAZE workers are able to work on
projects of their own choosing and make their own decisions, granting them with
authority and power which is an incentive. Also having a positive workspace,
mutual support and a sense of belongingness are all functions an executive
performs in a formal organization. These functions are also applied at AMAZE.
Since the individuals are working well and making better products, they create
excellent services and products that enhance the reputation of the company. Due
to a better reputation, and better quality of products, not only are the
workers satisfied but, this promotes sales of the product or service. With
better sales, the company generates more profit.

Parker Follet believed that it is important to see the role of the manager in a
way that is no different from the employee. At AMAZE employees are given the
opportunity to direct themselves and make decisions without manager approval.
This helps workers feel a sense of responsibility and power which encourages
them to make good decision like they would in a position of authority. Follet
believed group work is important and that true leaders created group power
rather than expressing personal

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power. At AMAZE employees are
encouraged to work together, they are also rewarded as teams and this
encourages them to work with others. With the implication and use of Mary
Parker Follet’s theory, this will streamline the supply chain as rather as all
coworkers would be happy to work with each other. Rather than a bureaucratic
organization where the attitude of everyone is strict and no one helps each
other, this theory encourages workers to be friendly and work with each other,
helping production become faster and results with products and services of
better quality.


I believe that
AMAZE would be better suited as an organic structured organization. I believe
that the methods applied at AMAZE are very flexible and highly adaptable like
they would be in an organic structured organization. Not only that but also
because the workers at AMAZE work together rather than working alone and
specializing only in one area of expertise like they would in a mechanistic
organization. At amaze workers get a lot of face to face contact with other
workers as well as management. This helps workers get insight on different
viewpoints, helps them collaborate with workers from other departments. This
works well for the company especially since they are regarded as innovators.
Not only that, workers being able to socialize with one another just helps in
the making of an overall pleasant work environment and happier workers.

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