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( 1 ) Read the undermentioned transition from Marlowe ‘s Doctor Faustus. Discuss Marlowe ‘s usage of linguistic communication in the transition and how it contributes to the word picture of Faustus. Your reply should be no longer than 500 words

In the undermentioned transition ( 2 ) ( Act 2, Scene 3, ll, 13-38 ) from Marlowe ‘s Doctor Faustus we are

presented with yet another effort of our hero at penitence. Faustus seems distressed and non

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excessively confident in his determination to function the immorality after all. ( 3 )

There are certain facets of the transition ‘s construction that Marlowe uses to demo the character ‘s

indecision and interior battle. We find Faustus speaking to himself, the usage of meter here gives a

sense of despair, it sounds as though Faustus is speaking ferverently and urgently seeking to

persuade himself out of what he has done.

First and foremost the transition is written in clean poetry ( 4 ) with a full usage of iambic

pentameter. Each line is constructed from five strong positively stressed syllable ( 5 ) words, this

beat is believed to follow the closest to human address, peculiarly usefull when the poetry does

non rime. ( Pacheco, Reputations, p43 ) ( 6 )

It is besides of import to detect a few repeats in the transition. The words repeated most are repent,

commiseration and desperation. The writer is evidently seeking to underscore what is ( 7 ) on Faustus ‘ head. Should

he repent and carry on life in “ deep desperation ” ( because the human cognition is so limited ) or

autumn for the “ sweet pleasances ” of diabolic forces to maintain himself in control?

The transition opens up Faustus ‘ frights on going “ damned ” . The usage of short nouns with a emphasis

on the first syllable “ toxicant, guns, hackamores and envenomed steel ” ( Marlowe, p49, 23 ) , combined

with the appropriate punctuation ( commas in this instance ) make us believe he is truly scared non

merely of the whole thought of going a “ spirit ” , but besides to be rejected by the human society he is still

urgently seeking to suit in and be portion of. Some might reason that he is simply scared of the Devil

and is non ready to confront the effects in instance of his penitence.

( 8 ) All of this combined creates a narrative about a supporter that at foremost you feel regretful for, and so

alteration possibly to commiseration, ( 9 ) there is a alteration of tone and beat from a “ rapid fire ” at the beginning,

to a more pitifull and regretful Faustus towards the terminal, it paints a image of a adult male who is populating in a

fantasy universe, where he has risen through the societal ranks, and learned more so most work forces, to the

terminal where he is no longer interested in mortal ideas and workss, but wants for immortality.

The usage of the linguistic communication helps to portray Faustus as life in universe he has created, and unable to

differentiate between the existent and the fanciful, this is shown particularly within the lines where he

is speaking to himself about in a panic “ Faustus thou art damned ” ( Marlowe, p.49. 22 ) . cussing

himself and his ideas, merely to speak himself out of it later on, finally gaining that there is

nil left to make but let himself to be taken away by Mephistopheles.

( 10 )

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