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Running Header: Chronically Mentally Ill Chronically Mentally Illness Caprice M. Barris University of Phoenix BSHS 302 Dina Francisco October 26, 2009 Severely Mentally Ill – Indivuals suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe and recurrent depression plus several others. There are many different types of mental illness some of these illnesses are depression, schizophrenia , bi-polar, dementia. Signs and symptoms can differ from person to person depending on their age, the type of disorder they have to how they behave ( Health Article Mental Illness).

History Mental illness dates back to early history when it was thought of as being possessed by demons (Porter 2002). Even through the Middle Ages demonic possession and witchcraft were thought to be the cause of mental illness. People with mental Illness were abused in public, thrown in jail and chained to walls, they had no rights they were thought of as being dumb and the public would pay to watch them be put on display like in a circus freakshow.

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Mid 1700’s many towns built separate housing and hospitals for the mentally ill. Early 18th century the Mental Health Reform was led by Philippe Pinel of France (Torrey & Miller, 2002). 1946 – National Mental Health Act 1949 – National Institute of Mental Health 1955 – Mental Study Act The elderly for the highest risk of suicide are white males over the age of 85 many who are widowed (Birrer & Vemuri; 2004; McIntosh,2003). Many of the elder are misdiagnosed with depression when actually it may by Demencia or Alheimers.

As a Human Service Professionals we must be able to recognize the signs of depression and the risks. Some of the signs include anxiety, alcohol abuse, not sleeping, irritability, just to name a few. Causes of Mental Illness Causes of mental illness can vary from person to person. For some it could be due to stress, there could be biological issues, hormone issues. Biochemical, is a naturally recurring process in your body where as a hormone imbalance is a physical change in the brain that could cause mental illness.

Also your genes can play a big part if someone within your family has suffered from depression or some other form of illness ( Health Article Mental Illness). The environment you are brought up in can also play a factor. Some of the risk factors are biological relatives, stressful situations in life, medical issues, child abuse. Due to experience when mental illness goes untreated it can get worse, that’s why its very important to seek treatment right away, if not you are unable to be productive in your everyday life not to mention possible suicide thoughts or thoughts of hurting others.

When you seek treatment be sure to tell your doctor everything about how you are feeling whether you feel it’s relavent or not that way you are sure to get the proper treatment. Intervention Strategies There are many different types of intervention which depends on the type of treatment you may need for ones specific illness. Cognitive Behavorial Therapy focuses on the pattern of thinking and the beliefs that bring on such thinking (Nami. org). CBT has been useful in the place of antidepressants for some preventing having a relapse.

For example if you have a fear, some form of anxiety or panic disorder this type of therapy helps you to face your fears and conquer them. You learn to recognize what triggers your fears and be able to face problem head on (Nami. org). I had a therapist once tell me that if I was afraid of elevators I would have to get inside one in order to get over that fear ( baby steps of course). Demographics Mental Illness doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter if your’re old young black, white, rich or poor.

Anyone can suffer from a mental illness although certain types of people are more proned due to their socialeconomic status, high or low (Medicine. Creighton. edu). Studies show that African Americans suffer more from mental illness than do Caucasions and it may have to do with social economic differences (The Meaning Recovery 03-04). Stress , unable to maintain a job, poor income can lead to this lower level of socialeconomics. References: Ausienet. com, Medicine. crieghton. edu (The Meaning of Recovery,03-04) Intervention(Nami. org) Through the eyes of practice settings chapter 6

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