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Compare and Contrast Essay The Wife of Bath and the Nun are two women from the Prologue of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. In this Prologue, the Wife of Bath and the Nun shared similar qualities and some dissimilar qualities. The elements that will be used to compare and contrast the Wife of Bath and the Nun are their appearances, their personalities and their money. Although the Wife of Bath had five husbands in this prologue, Chaucer describes her as being a fairly unattractive lady.

She was a heavy set lady with a gap in her outh. “… Gap toothed she was/ A rug was tucked around her buttocks large… ” (Lines 468-471) The Nun was an unattractive lady also. She was a big woman as the Wife of Bath was and she had nine inches of brow across her face. “… Her nose was fine; her eyes were blue as glass/Her mouth was small and therewith soft and red/But certainly she had a fair forehead/lt was almost a full span broad, I own/For, truth to tell, she was not undergrown… (Lines 152-156) The only difference in appearance ith the Wife of Bath and the Nun was the way they both dressed. The Wife of Bath dressed doll-like. “… Which, of a Sunday, she wore on her head/ her hose were of the choicest scarlet red/ Close gartered, and her shoes were soft and new… ” (Lines 455-457) The Nun dressed in all mostly black with little color. “… Neat was her cloak, as I was well aware/ of coral small about her arm she’d bear/ A string of beads and gauded all with green/and therefrom hung a brooch of golden sheen… (Lines 57-159) The Nun and the Wife of Bath had two different personalities. The Nun was quiet and had nice manners. She was a charitable woman and very compassionate. The Nun was also a very emotional woman. “… At table she had been well taught withal/ And never from her lips let morsels fall/Nor dipped her fingers deep in sauce, but ate With so much care the food upon her plate/That never driblet fell upon her breast… ” (Lines 127-131) “…

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She was so charitable and piteous/That she would weep if he but saw a mouse/Caught in a trap, though it where dead or bled… ” (Lines 143-145) The Wife of Bath’s personality was completely different from the Nun’s personality. She was the opposite of quiet or mellow. She was very seen and crazy. For example, if anyone went before her for alter call in church, she would snap. ” Should offering make before her, on my life/And if one did, indeed, so wroth was she/ It put her out of all her charity… ” (Lines 451-453) By Jennidior

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