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Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and is still living. He was one of the bravest, and the most courageous man that would do anything to pay the price of freedom from racial segregation. After he Joined the African National Congress, he was Jailed for 28 years; and still did not lose his dignity or humanity. Then, after the 28 years, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He referred of trying to get freedom, to a “long walk to freedom”. He also said that a brave man isn’t a man that’s never afraid; it’s a man that ould overcome the fear.

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I think he’s one of my heroes. Even though Rosa Parks passed away in 2005, she is still highly remembered. She is one of the world’s bravest and most desperate women in the World. She was especially brave when she didn’t give up her seat on the bus for a white person. Even though she was Jailed for a while, she never gave up. Then, she told all the blacks to give up riding the bus. She was also one of the helpers of Martin Luther King Jr. fight for freedom. Even the current president that time; E. D. Nixon was shocked at the news about Parks arrest.

My God, look what segregation has put in my hands! “He had said. Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela are both really good people. I think they both represent my idea of a true hero. They never gave up, they were always desperate, and they were always brave. I think they were brave when they were Jailed. Nelson Mandela was Jailed for 28 years and Rosa Parks was Jailed for a few days. Even though Nelson Mandela was fighting in South Africa, Rosa was fighting at the other side of the globe in America. This is why I think they’re both very brave, and they both represent my idea of a true hero.

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