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Computer performance is the quantity of tasks carries out by
the computer system. It doesn’t depend on the single component. It takes a
number of components working mutually to figure computer’s inclusive performance.
It explains that how well and quickly all the components deal with each other
to complete the given tasks together as a whole. Performance parameters are the
metrics which are used to measure the activities and performances of the
system. In high performing computer, there should be some characteristics such
as short response time for the process a given instruction, high throughput,
high availability, high bandwidth, short data transmission time, short access
time for Random Access Memory, etc. Those parameters can affect the computer in
terms of processing and storage 1. Furthermore Focusing on computer memory
system, performance is one of the most important characteristics and there are
three main performance parameters that can be used; access time, Memory cycle
time and Transfer rate 2.

Access time, also known as latency is the time gap between
entering an address or instruction to the memory by user and stores the data
and make available for use by RAM. In another word it is the time that RAM takes
to perform a read or write operation 1. Similarly, Response time is the total
amount of time it takes to respond to a request. It contains three different
time periods.

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i. Wait time- time that instruction take to be in the queue
before it process

ii. Service time- time that takes to complete the task

iii. Transmission time- time that take to transfer the
instruction from user to the system and response back to the user.

Moreover, the concept of
Memory Cycle time is access time plus any additional time it takes to transmission
or to recreate the data and it is concerned with the system bus 2.

Transfer rate is another important parameter which can
measure how fast your computer can process data and instructions. It defines
the number of bits that can be transferred into or out of a memory unit per
second. In Random access memory, transfer rate is the conjugate of the cycle
time (transfer rate=1/cycle time) and in non-random access memory, following
formula explains the relationship between access time and transfer rate.

Average time to read or write n bits = Average access time +
(Number of bits)/(Transfer rate) 2

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