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            Computers have been a part of the world for a long time,
but the only difference is that they were not as sophisticated and the design
is not like we have today.  The first
advance in today’s computers came from Charles Babbage.  Charles made the contribution of creating the
first computer.  This computer that he
made was nothing more than just an ordinary calculator.  The impact that this has had on computers is
it made it easier for people to perform complex math problems using any of the
operations.  The next major upgrade to
computer came by a woman named Ada Lovelace.

            Ada added the idea of using more than just the language
of math.  Her major contribution was
including words and symbols to be used. 
This has made an impact on computers in the area of what language would
be accepted by the machine.  An
interesting fact is the Ada looked up to Charles when she was working.

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            The major contribution that Alan Turing made was creating
a machine that could perform any task that the user wanted.  This had a big impact on not only computers
but the entire country.  The impact it
had on computers was it allowed for anything to be done or performed that the
user wanted.  The country benefitted
because it helped the United States get an advantage on the Nazis during the
World War.  This machine was used to
decode messages that the enemy would send to each other.  The downside to his machine was it took up a
ton of space and was not easy to move around. 
An interesting fact about Turing is that they made a movie about his
life and how he created his machine. 
This movie was called the Imitation Game. 

            To help make the machine smaller John von Neumann
contributed the design for a common computer. 
The impact that this design had was it made the baseline for what all
computers today do behind the screen.  He
came up with this image and it became the basic design for all the computers
that are being used today.  An
interesting fact about John is that he is considered to be the man behind
creating todays computer. 

            The actions that user want to perform on the computer is
a good start.  Unfortunately, users do
not want to only perform actions they want to search topics.  This is where Tim Berners-Lee comes in.  Tim’s major contribution was creator of the
World Wide Web.  The creation of this had
an impact on computers because it had given the users the ability to gain
information from anywhere in the world without having to leave their

            Now we move on to today and how computers look and
operate.  There are two major companies
in the technology world today, Apple and Microsoft.  The first company I am going to talk about is
Apple and Steve Wozniak.  Steve created
the original apple computer.  Another
contribution to the company that Steve has made was being named one of the
founders.  The other founder goes by the
name of Steve Jobs.  One interesting fact
about Steve is that during his time in school he was expelled.  The reason why this interesting is because
even during this hard time he still continued doing what he loved and pushed
forward to create one of the greatest companies in the world. 

            On the other side, we have the company of Microsoft that
was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. 
Gates made a separate contribution to the world of computing other than
this company.  He created the operating
system of MS-DOS.  The impact that this
operating system had was it allowed all the computers to have a different date
of it.  An interesting fact about Bill is
that he created his own foundation to help the world by trying to get rid of

            The next person I want to talk about is Gary
Kildall.  He made the major contribution
of creating the operating system of CP/M. 
This operating system is used in the products that are created by
Microsoft.  The impact that this
operating system had on the world was it allowed people to type the information
to the computer.  The programmers did not
have to think about all the different types of responses that the user could
give.  With all the programming languages
that are in use today, Gary created the first.

            Another operating system that is being used today is
Linux.  This system was created by Linus
Torvalds.  The impact that Linux is it
allowed the people using the computer to not experience the effects of a
computer lag.  With there being no lag on
the machine the users can do what they want faster.  An interesting fact about Torvalds is that he
based his operating system on UNIX. 

            The final operating system that some computers use is UNIX.  The pairing of Dennis Ritchie and Ken
Thompson were the masterminds behind the creation of this system.  The creation of this system came with a
positive impact on the rest of the world. 
The impact was it showed the world that you have choices on the system
you want your machine to have.  Another
impact that the system had was that it was cheap.  People do not want to purchase something if
there is another item that does the same things and is less expensive.  An interesting fact about Dennis is that he
is the creator of a programming language. 

            The modern computer has had a long background story.  All the advancements that we have made and
the ones we will make in the future all come back to these people and their
accomplishments.  No one knows where the
computer will be and how it will look in the coming years but they will be
better than they were now.

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