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The Killers I watched The Killers in San Diego, California. Event was the Wrex the hall 2012 on December 7th. It was my first rock concert I had been too. I have been to reggae, rap and a few house d] concerts but never a rock. Definitely a different crowd comes to these events. For the majority they are mostly white Americans and they seem to be passionate about the music being played at the time. Not so much dancing but a lot more singing along with Brandon Flowers with some Jumping up and down. From the events I have gone to this one was more passionate but I enjoy dancing a little so hat is the only compliant I have about it.

The energy shown by the crowd was amazing it was great to experience. The arena we were in also was neat and the fact that I was in the pit it felt like everyone in the stands were looking down at you as if you were the musician. It was the first time I listen to more than one song of The Killers consecutively and with the crowd around me and the energy from the people I felt as if I was a fan. It was easy going and the music was great. The song I have grown to like from them is Mr. Brightside which is played on the radio a lot and was ne of two reasons why I went to the concert.

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The song performed live is a lot better than I expected because when I view performances on youtube you see the singer getting the crowd involved way too much and he does not do much of the singing so it defeats the purpose of paying to see the musician perform his piece. Brandon Flowers the lead singer of the Killers did Just the right amount, I have the entire performance recorded on my iPhone and he lets us get in on a little bit of the song but does not overdue it. The Killers were a great band from previous experiences I have had with sound and energy.

I only went into the venue right in time for The Killers so I did not get to listen in on other rock bands and how they do live, but from the other genres I have been too and comparing it to this one rock band I did get to watch live The Killers were spectacular. If they had any notes wrong I probably did not notice because I do not listen to them much, much friend is the big Killers fan. He did not mention anything bad about their performance so I assume they played all the right notes. Brand Flowers was a great person to watch he was all over the place full of energy.

His presence showed he wanted to be there and perform. I have seen another band and it is probably because of the drugs they might be on but they are slow and seems they are there only to do a few pieces and leave. Brandon Flowers was there and delivered he showed up and he gave us a great performance. The Killers use bass, guitar, piano, drums and a singer. At the live show I went to in San Diego the most notable instrument of all was the bass. It is hard to ignore something that is vibrating the arena we are it was not too loud it was Just right so I have no complaints about it.

The bass from The Killers made me get into the song eing played at the time it made me feel part of the piece, it made me move a little. The drums were another awesome instrument used from the group. My neighbor is a drummer so I listen in on every session he has whether I want to or not. So listening toa real live professional rocking out was thrilling. I could enjoy every piece Trom tne drummer. After watching a few house d]’s, a reggae group, rock and a rap performance I learn different things. The rock concert was my most recent but not my last. It is a place where you can take a group of friends to enjoy yourselves and have a good time.

With house it is a place where you dance and could get to meet new people. Raggae everyone is super calm and nice they are all there to listen in on the band. Rap is a performance I by far hate the most out of all the once I have been too, the crowd it brings comes with trouble. Each genre has its own good and bad about a live performance I am fortunate enough to have experienced a few and I hope to learn about other ones in the near future. After taking this course I will also listen in more and watch how the performance is given so I can have a better understanding. Added a clip from Mr Brightside http://www. youtube. com/watch7FcdOnryN427g

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