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strengthens bodies, mind, provides discipline and inspires people thus promoting
a healthy state of life in a plethora of ways. To harness the power of sports,
Adidas will continue to foster a tradition of innovation and embark on a new
vision for the coming generation.

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Adidas group, consumers are at the heart of everything. Adidas constantly
strives to close the gap between customers and the organization by providing an
outstanding user experience intertwined with the latest cutting-edge technology.

 In doing so Adidas has been successful in keeping
up with the top 10 strategic technological trends of 2018 focusing on trends
such as AI foundation; narrow AI, Intelligent Apps and Analytics and Intelligent
things. (Gartner,2017).                                                                          
                    This tells us how effectively Adidas has been in
supplementing their products with the latest technological advancements. Their
ventures right from revolutionizing the shoe manufacturing process to creating
intelligent applications which analyze user patterns in buying and design selection
are truly groundbreaking. In doing so they have redefined the user experience
by giving it a personal touch.  The
sports giant’s continuous investment in analytics, machine learning, technical
infrastructure along with patterns in partnering with the industry’s most
innovative companies show their prowess and awareness.

has an extremely focused approach and a clear path ahead of them. They are
accelerating towards their vision at a rapid pace, thereby creating a tide of
disruption. Their immaculate

towards assessing the needs of the future while managing the current demands
make them one of the most valuable sports brands to have ever existed.


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