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Consumer technology is driving the digital space effectively for anyone, from Brands, corporates to individuals, who needs to be seen or heard. Communications have become faster than the speed of light through digital medium and consumer technology. In the consumer technology 80 percent describes of the digital medium. In addition to that, what medium of communication you are adopting like is it through texts, through images or through videos. These days, Digital India has been so deeply embedded in our system that we would see ads appearing on Television, radio and all other mediums of communication.Everything starting from social media to mobile phones to laptops and tabs comes under consumer technology.Digital and technology accounts for over 50% (approximately) of time spent with media. Social media gulps more than a quarter of time consumed online and a third of all internet usage is now and then happening via mobile, a new global report has found. In India, the total number of active social media accounts is 118 million with 9% of the total population and 100 million social media accounts via mobile with an involvement of 8 % of the total population. The average time consumed daily for internet is around 5 hours and 04 minutes via PC or tablet, 3 hours and 24 minutes via mobile phones, 2 hours and 31 minutes for social media through any device and 1 hour and 58 minutes is the average television viewing time.  Since January 2014, the growth in the number of active internet users, active social media accounts, number of mobile connections and active mobile social media accounts have been more than 14%, 31%, 6% and 39% respectively.Growing time spent on mobile is linked to consumption of online video, social media and messaging to a great extent. Online video is growing globally by 34.7 per cent in 2016 and expected to grow by 31.2 per cent in 2017 whereas presently the US market is growing by 44.7 per cent. The escalation of mobile-first social media and messaging apps such as Instagram and Snapchat (alongside Facebook and Twitter), is encouraging advertiser interest and awareness as they offer the chance to build native video campaigns centered surrounding their target audience’s unique social data. As a result, each social platform is concentrating on video, opening up several possibilities for brands and advertisers to create and monetize content. Globally social media spend will be growing by 29.8 per cent in 2016 and 25.2 per cent in 2017, with the US forecast to have the maximum consumer technology growth specifically digitally at 49 per cent in 2016 and 45 per cent growth in 2017 through smartphones, laptops and tabs. Now, above was the approximate statistics including on digital consumers through technology. Now whether shopping online or reading books using KINDLE, or reserving hotels or flights or trains; technology is grasping the mass in one go. In the current scenario, consumer technology has completely changed the lives of those touched by it. When it comes to a country like India, we can say that only for the top 20 cities that have been thoroughly exposed to the internet. Again, talking globally, consumer technology with digital strength has become a part of our life. It has helped save time, more importantly; it keeps the entire world connected regardless of their time zones.BRIDGING the DIGITAL DIVIDE GAP: Bridging the digital divide gap refers to the rural and the urban mass enjoying technology and its importance equally and reaches to a common platform. In all gram panchayats the Digital India initiative has an idea to bring high speed internet services to its citizens. Bank accounts and kiosks will be given importance at individual level. Safe and protected cyber space in the country will be provided to the people to make sure that the government services are available to citizens electronically and nationally. Digital divide is connecting the general janta with the government and making government more open. Hence it gives 1.3 billion people to have a say to the government directly i.e, everyone getting the opportunity to keep their point directly to the person concerned at the top and if he has a reason to do that without any hindrances. Smart phones getting cheaper and recently with the emergence of Freedom 251, internet has the power to reach every corner. We are contributing through which two way communication. What we need to understand here is that digital and technology is the future.

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