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Country: Denmark Committee: SOCHUMAgenda: The World refugee crisisThe world has turned into a vulnerable place due to the dreadful conflicts in many countries. The talks about refugees have been whirling around in people’s head. These conflicts lead to terror, fear and isolation. The refugee crisis is one of the issues we face because of battles and war. Denmark has received over 2,000 refugees and 1,742 cases have been opened in the past year. Though Denmark has reduced the count of refugees it ranks as one of the top countries to help refugees. Denmark thinks it is necessary to help these people as they are a part of humanity just like everybody else. Refugees are the people who are forced to flee their homeland in the cases of war and crime. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution”( The delegation of Denmark believes in this statement and has been supporting refugees since the 20th century. The situation of the refugee crisis has spread around the globe. Conflict has been haunting countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Denmark has provided help to so many asylum seekers by supplying hygienic medicine and food. Denmark has a guarantee that 90% of the refugees will be allowed into the country. One of the major issues which occur after the refugees enter the host country is xenophobia. It is known as the fear of immigrants and can cause a lot of destruction in a refugee’s life. Xenophobia is the reason why people discourage other talented immigrants. Denmark believes that all the countries to work together and help refugees by spreading fairness. Denmark has tried it’s best to provide these refugees with a good life by allowing them to have free education (years 3 -16).  The status of refugees on increasing by the day. Some of the refugees include unaccompanied children and women and Denmark has tried its best to offer them a better life. Denmark has been a part of the EU for over 40 years and is willing to support these refugees. Denmark wishes other countries could also be a part and support and help refugees in need.

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