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Course: IME 764, Systems Engineering

Topic: Tesla Mega factory

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HW Due: 2018-01-30

Student: Manasa Chigurupati (H248B372)



the Electric Vehicles exhibit, Tesla Company has developed itself as the market
pioneer. The main role behind it to lead the market is a direct result of the
phenomenal improvement and revived advancement. Remembering the ultimate
objective to control the market of electric vehicle the association has brought
some excess arrangement automobiles in the market, which would empower them to
battle them with the 100% unadulterated completely electric vehicle. This will
help in getting more number of customers who can purchase the power engaged
vehicle. To propel mark devotion, different ventures have been created. This
kind of tasks will be valuable in giving the decision to purchase to the
through enhance the ride and test drive Campaigns. The displaying endeavors
have been established on the advancing through the destinations, magazines,
open association and through the quick sort of promoting.

System of Interest

1.Vision and

vision of the Elon Musk is that to supplant the gas autos with electric autos.
He demonstrates his anxiety for condition and imaginative thoughts that
electric autos can be speedier, better, conservative and similarly less
contamination to nature. The mission of the Tesla electric engine organization
is to furnish the market with feasible cutting edge electric autos as quickly
as time permits.

2.Mega Factory:

obtained a previous GM and Toyota organization site in Fremont, California.
They changed the processing plant from a dull, relinquished industrial facility
and exposed cement into cutting edge mechanized automated hardware which are
painted in red, dividers and floor are painted in white which is immaculate
which speaks to the nature of the results of the organization. They bought a
biggest stamping press machine which is expansive, hard to transport and
adjusted to influence the entangled auto to body parts.

Remains and Dominate:

2006, Tesla propelled Roadster which is electric games auto and of value
$100,000 to pick up notoriety for electric autos and Tesla. Their goal is to
make a high cost low volume auto to demonstrate electric power is attractive.
Afterward, Tesla began taking a shot at Tesla S, a minimal effort high volume
creation auto and got prepaid requests. The auto must be created at the rate of
20000 every year. After a few battles underway they effectively delivered the

Lifecycle Stage


idea arrange itself means the vision of the Tesla electric engines that the
electric engines are manageable, less expensive, speedier, and better.


built up the electric engines which is comparable to fuel sports auto
‘Roadster’ to pick up notoriety. Afterward, they built up a car demonstrate
‘Tesla X’ and advanced the auto. The model was supported by the general
population and got prepaid requests.


began delivering extensive volume of autos at the rate of 20000 every year.


viably used the abilities of the worker to deliver the best outline and they
have protected 150 sections. They used the season of three years and viably
created the Tesla display X to their request. There is no evident dialog about
the cost in the video, yet the roadster model may have caused a few
misfortunes, yet they picked up their notoriety and they later picked up an
immense sum with Tesla X. Tesla engines have just used 20% of their working
environment however they likewise said they have plans for those in future.


the procedures are institutionalized in the wake of influencing a test to test
of Tesla S and the gathering is taking a shot at how to institutionalize the


the most productive assembling method is found, maintained and activities for
the life cycle of the hardware are moved forward.

Decision Gates


primary period of door that Tesla experienced is buying of the deserted plant.
The second stage is that they put resources into revamping of the businesses
and acquiring apparatuses. The third stage is they put resources into Roadster
to demonstrate that electric autos are attractive, and fourth stage is they
acknowledged the prepaid requests for the Model S.





timetable that is utilized for the large scale manufacturing of the Model S is
itself the main period of entryway since it included a few procedures, for
example, cutting, stamping, riveting and welding for the base body outline,
powertrain is less confused contrasted with customary fuel and battery
establishment and painting process.


main period of the entryways in execution is to dispatch a games auto that is
electric controlled. The second stage is the starting of reasonable vehicle
autos that is fuel effective, appropriate for long travel, shabby, speedier,
better, and attractive.

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