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Creating My Own World with My Own Purple Crayon Harold and the Purple Crayon, to this day, is figurative example of how I look at obstacles in life. I truly live by the fact that nothing is impossible. Harold does too. We all have our own purple crayon, but in Harold’s case, it is literally a crayon. He drew what he wanted, lived how he wanted and did all these things whenever he wanted.

On a surface level observation, the goal that this book is trying to accomplish is to express that children should be able to do what they want. They should be able to be themselves without severe limitations. To others, including myself, it has a deeper meaning that anyone can achieve what they want. A very simple way to portray this deeper meaning is with the quote, ‘if you set your mind to it you can achieve it. This statement only holds to be true in certain situations though, because you have to be ready to think the unthinkable to accomplish what isn’t ‘possible. ‘ You have to drive off people saying you cant. In my life, people have done nothing but say I can’t. They tell me that I need to find more realistic goals to try and obtain. I found that I can do nything I desire to accomplish is possible, even when the whole world tells me it’s impossible.

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For other people, I have learned that you have to truly desire to accomplish what you want to accomplish, or you won’t get anywhere close, and it will forever stay in your mind as impossible. Although it was extremely easy for Harold to pick up a crayon and simply get what he wants, this translates into how any one of us can achieve what we want. It may not be easy, but Harold demonstrated that it can be done. That the ‘unthinkable’ can be obtained. That the ‘impossible’ is possible. All you have to do is believe; that’s what Harold did.

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