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Offender Tracking Mechanisms Law enforcement has a difficult Job, not only are they there to keep, protect and enforce your right, but they also have to keep a close eye on those who break the law. Law enforcement has difficulties tracking what they call “Offenders- someone who breaks the law, violates another’s rights or commits a crime against humanity’. Offenders often slip through the cracks after being released from Jail and parole because there are so many them.

In order for law enforcement to begin to track someone that person has to break the law, now yes many people break the law like peeding, Jay walking, etc. , law enforcement usually only track those with history or they commit a crime like selling drug, smuggling drug or sex crimes. Mostly major crimes are tracked by law enforcement; they track these certain crimes because they cause such destruction to society and the people living in it.

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Law enforcement also has a way of keeping your criminal record on a huge file, this allows them to do background checks for new employees or when they contact a suspect out in the field this gives the officer a small background on the suspect to see f he or she is a life time criminal or if she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Once a suspect has been detained, arrested and proven guilty of their crime they are sent to a prison. Once the suspect arrives there they become an inmate and from there are segregated by the crime they committed or the gang they are involved in.

Once an inmate is released most of them are put on parole which they then are give a parole officer. The parole officer’s Job is to make sure that they become a contributing American in our society, which means they have to get a Job check in onthly or even weekly participate in a drug test. Some crimes that people commit will require them to register monthly at a local police station such crimes are ones that involve sexual crimes with kids or narcotics.

They have to carry a registrant card with them at all times and announce that they are a registrant when an officer at anytime contact them even if it’s a minor traffic stop. Recently law enforcement has been incorporating social online media to help track offenders. Law enforcement will create a fake profile follow the offender and then watch what the offender posts or writes on their social media. This is still new to many law enforcement agencies because the Internet is involving so quickly and with Internet crime being a new thing agencies are trying to keep up.

Law enforcement agencies have many ways to track a criminal there are some as ways as logging on to a computer or as difficult as trying to find a needle in a haystack. Criminals evolve every day trying to avoid detection from the police or any rivals they might have. Law enforcement is always playing defense and striking whenever they possibly can. Law enforcement has a extremely difficult Job of trying to keep the peace in the streets and also being roactive in finding the criminals that cause destruction to peoples life’s.

Many times criminals stay at large for long periods of time because its difficult to track down every single one of them but recently aw enforcement shows a steady pace in crime decreasing and arrest made. With that influx of criminals it has caused over crowding In our prlsons ana Jalls ana callTornla now nas released a law called A allows non-violet, non sexual and non drug related criminals go early instead of allowing them to serve their full time causing law enforcement to encounter the same criminals multiple times.

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