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Mekatrade BV, Delft, Geneva Branch Place du Molard 7 1200 Gen?©ve Location map I Vicinity Status:deleted Most recent amendment:12. 10. 2009 Overview Persons Administrative board (3) Management board (2) Signatories (5) Environment Network Contact Information Commercial register extract SOGC notifications Entry in the commercial register:07. 04. 2004 Deletion from the commercial register:12. 10. 2009 Legal domicile of the company: Gen?©ve (GE) Number of the commercial register:CH-660. O. 821. 004-9 Commercial Registry:Canton of Geneva Purpose The branch is removed as a result of abandonment.

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Former company names Teral Holding BV, Delft, succursale de Gen?©ve Last SOGC announcements SOGC: 197 / 2009 from 12. 10. 2009 View original purpose Mekatrade BV, Delft, Geneva Branch, ?¤ Gen?©ve, CH-660-0821004-9, n?©goce international d’engrais et autres produits chimiques (FOSC du 1 1. 03. 2005, p. 8). La succursale est radi?©e par suite de cessation de l’exploitation. SOGC: 050 / 2005 from 1 1 . 03. 2005 international d’engrais et autres produits chimiques (FOSC du 19. 07. 2004, p. 7). Nouveau capital: EUR 1 ‘000’000, divis?© en 1 ‘000’000 actions de EUR 1.

Nouveau capital utoris?©: EUR 2’000’000, divis?© en 200000 actions de EUR 1 . Statuts modifi?©s le 16. 08. 2004. Les pouvoirs de Broun Olivier sont radi?©s. Signature individuelle, limit?©e aux affaires de la succursale, a ?©t?© conf?©r?©e ?¤ Sebag Michael, de France, ?¤ Gen?©ve, directeur de la succursale. SOGC: 137 / 2004 from 19. 07. 2004 Teral Holding BV, Delft, succursale de Gen?©ve, ?¤ Gen?©ve, n?©goce international d’engrais et autres produits chimiques (FOSC du 15. 04. 2004, p. 9). Nouvelle raison sociale du siege principal: Mekatrade BV. Par cons?©quent, la raison de commerce de la succursale aevlent

Mobile-version e DelTt, Geneva Brancn. The information published on moneyhouse is public commercial register data and does not violate the provisions of the Data Protection Act. All data are without warranty as to the content, completeness and topicality and have no legal effect. Binding are only authenticated commercial register extracts and SOGC publications that are issued by the competent commercial register office, provided with an electronic signature by SECO. Should you notice any errors in the above-mentioned data, you can send us a Send a correction message by email.

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