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#1-Salem History

This database
has a variety of information. This includes information on authors, such as
T.S. Eliot and Stephen King. There are also articles on famous literary works,
such as “Things Fall Apart,” and there are articles on comic books, too, such
as “Batman” or “X-Men.” Furthermore, there is also a lot of articles regarding
current events, ranging from gun control to immigration to the effects of
smartphones and technology on our daily lives and education. There was also
some articles about 20th century music and the history of warfare.

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Database #2-Ravel

This database
focuses on information regarding law, such as information about the different
Supreme Courts. There is also an extensive list of court records and trials,
and these can span up to around 30-40 pages. Some examples of these records
include the “Brown V. Board of Education” trial and the “Miranda V. Arizona”
trial. There are also court appeals in this database.

Database #3-Jazz
Music Library

This database
focuses on Jazz music and the people who created this genre of music. There is
not much information except for the composer names, the release date, and the
track names.  However, this database does
offer the entire soundtrack of the album, so people can listen to the album for

#4-Project Euclid

This database is
focused on math articles. There are articles related to geometry, vectors,
calculus, and probably any mathematics subject that can be thought of. The
surprising thing is that it is not just pure math, such as calculus or
statistics; there are also articles related to health sciences and other


This database
has an enormous collection of articles regarding discoveries in the medical
field. This database only shows the abstract of the experiment, but the
database also gives links on where to find the full article. PubMed is a
relatively up-to-date source, where the most recent articles being published
are from the past week. This resource will also recommend the reader similar
articles, which can help the reader get closer to finding the article they are
looking for or help him or her learn more about the topic.

#6-International Monetary Fund Publications

This database is
about economics and the impact that certain countries have on the global trade.
Readers can read articles about many things, ranging from offshore money
laundering to the impacts of immigration on the economy. On the website itself,
only a summary of the article is available; however, there is a link on the
same page as the summary where the reader can download and read the full
article. The author information, publication date, and other things about the
article can be found.



#7-Project MUSE

This database
has a lot of different topics. These topics range from ethnic studies to
literature. There is also a lot about religion and philosophy as well as the
sciences. History is also included in this database, from ancient history to
the modern era and current events. This database only contains books about the
subject, as opposed to articles. 


This database is
focused on science articles. It contains a lot of information about
engineering, chemistry, and biology but not as much information on physics
research. The database only has the abstract and author information, but if the
reader wants to read the full article, the article itself can be downloaded on
the same page as the abstract. Some article examples include ecology of plant interactions,
breast cancer apoptosis, and mineral infusion into embryos.

#9-Military and Government Collection

This database
has articles that are focused on how militaries around the world are
structured, how governments are run, and foreign relations between nations.
This database usually provides an abstract and author information, and the full
article text is either below the abstract or can be downloaded in the form of a
PDF. Some examples of articles on this database include the interactions of
North Korea and the U.S. and Russia’s interference in the presidential

Database #10-Victorian
Popular Culture

This database
has a lot of information regarding what people in the 20th century
did in their free time. Most of the things on this database are pictures of
artifacts that came from this time period instead of articles about them. There
is a variety of artifacts from categories such as magic, theater, circuses, and
motion pictures. Examples of these artifacts include very old motion picture
projectors, documents and posters from Houdini’s shows, documents from many
different circuses, and theatre advertisements.



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