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Dear Mr,John Larson,I am writing this letter to discuss the earth’s growing problem, climate change. “Climate change is the environmental challenge of this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it’s too late”-John Delaney. Climate change is detrimental to the earth, it can change the world and in many ways and permanently. Climate change is human induced, meaning that there is things that we can do to help save our earth from this detrimental problem.  Climate change is not only affecting our atmosphere but it is affecting places around the world physically too. However there are some organizations that are working to try and come up with solutions to help climate change.  Climate change and how it’s caused is a big controversy in the world today. The climate of the plant has been changing over the last few years. The average global temperature today is about 15C.However today climate change is changing at a faster rate than in the past, the earth is getting warmer at a much faster rate.Many scientists believe that this rapid warming of the earth is human-induced and it having serious effects on locations on earth. One big factor of climate change is the greenhouse effect. This is when the energy that earth receives from the sun gets trapped in the atmosphere, because of the fossil fuels that are being used and then being released into the atmosphere. One of the major effects of climate change is that the earth is warming at a faster rate but it was one of many effects. One of the major places that are being affected by climate change is the Arctic. Due to the issue of climate change the Arctic cap is decreasing a concerning rate. From 1953-2006 the ice in the Arctic decreased at a rate of 7.8% per decade. Between 1979-2006 that went up to a rate of about 9.1% each decade, and as of 2014 the decline rate increased dramatically, with a rate of about 13.3% per decade. We are causing part of the earth to slowly melt away because we are not taking climate change as serious as it needs to be which is causing part of our earth to slowly melt away.  Furthermore, because climate change is causing the Arctic caps to melt, that results in rising sea levels and the oceans start to get warmer, and the warmer the ocean the more detrimental it is to the ocean environment. It also becomes detrimental to the roughly 1 billion people that rely on the ocean on their source of protein. In the last century, sea levels have risen 6.7 inches and have nearly doubled that in about the last decade. However there are some organizations that are working to help with the issue of climate change and how much fossil fuel they burn. Some big organizations like Google and Apple are changing what they are using as their source of energy. They have started to use more renewable energy such as windmills and solar panels. In addition, there is a organization called Greenpeace that is global campaign, who uses peaceful protest in order to bring awareness to global environmental problems and ways that we can solve them to have a more green future. However it’s going to take more than just a few organizations bringing awareness to climate change to make a difference. In 2013, Connecticut consumed about 34 metric tons of Co2, this isn’t as much as other states consumed. For example Texas consumed the most out of all the states with 641 tons of Co2. On average states in the the US consumes up to about 96.52 metric tons of Co2. All of these Co2 emissions that we are consuming and then releasing into the atmosphere is starting to affecting us and it’s a matter of time because everyone starts to feel it. However, there are some people that say climate change isn’t human induced. Some people believe that climate change is something that happens naturally, because the climate of the earth has always been warming and cooling, and the 20th century is in the standards of the temperature fluctuations over the last 3,000 years. It is also said that global warming isn’t caused by rising level of Co2 which contradicts the thought that climate change is human induced. Some think that climate change is something natural that occurs in nature and its neither something you can fix, stop or prevent. In conclusion, we should start working to save our planet from this growing problem, we need to start to work and try to save our Arctic and the ocean environments. This problem started, because of us, so we can work together and come up with ways that we can solve it. We can start by recycling and reusing, walking to places instead of using public transportation,turn off electronics when we are not using them, eat less meat and start to eat more locally grown vegetables, and we can spread our knowledge about climate change. A brighter, more green,and better future starts with us.

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