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Definition of Peace Education BY 128874 DEFINITION OF PEACE EDUCATION The definition of Peace Education to my opinion is hard to make but one has to be precise to pinpoint within which context the definition originates. If we take the African context to my opinion Peace Education cannot disregard environmental Threats such as global warming, which has in the last years affected most parts of the world.

To educate people about the causes of global warming and create strategies to minimize and eventually neutralized it’s deadly effects to man, animals and plants on this planet, can be a way to the achievement of economic growth, olitical stability and a healthy population living side by side peacefully among themselves and their neighbors. Peace Education should be used to teach people those cultural values and virtues, norms that are relevant and significant for the survival of mankind on this planet through peaceful co-existence.

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And that without peace there cannot be prosperity and this is only possible if there is that respect, acceptance, open-mindedness, and empathy for others who need help. Peace Education is a way of getting people to know more about the causes to these threats and how best they can be prevented. It is a question of human rights to know why they live in the state of fear permanently and with Peace Education people can be taught about these threats that can lead to violence and find strategies through peace education to prevent such to happen.

To illustrate the effects of climate change, “the volcano eruption that took place this year in Island, affected farmers in Kenya who work in the agro-business industry by growing flowers for export to European countries. Most of these farmers were later forced to close their businesses because the Airplanes cannot fly to the destinations of the importing ountry in Europe. This small incident that happened in Island caused an immediate lost to the companies involved, who later forced their employees to stay home indefinitely.

This was a serious economic problem for most of these families who depended on the salaries they receive from these companies. To sum up without global awareness of the threats of global warming life will be much harder not only for those in developing countries but even in the developed countries. A goal for peace education is the creation of the critical and analytical mind. Another goal ould be the development of a cooperative way of working.

In order to be able to solve life threatening and global problems we need to develop an ability to cooperate. But what does normal formal schooling do to develop this ability? People are also more able to cooperate and to solve problems constructively if they have confidence in themselves and a feeling of self-security and self-worth. Again: what are the chances of a child coming out of his/her schooling experience with a secure self-concept? How can the school help children learn to cooperate and to gain self- confidence?

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