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This is the collection of metabolic diseases where by one has a high
blood glucose, either due to  inadequate
insulin making or else the body cells doesn’t  react properly to insulin or all .vivid signs of high blood sugar are; regular short
calls, increased thirst, and increased hunger (James M,


Type 1 diabetes-this is where the body does not produce insulin at all. It
is known  as insulin dependent diabetes or
early onset diabetes. It mostly develops before the  in early adulthood or teenage years. It has
the least percentage  of all diabetes
cases .Secondly, Type 2 diabetes-this is where by the  body does not produce adequate insulin for
proper performance of the body. It has the biggest percentage of all diabetes cases.
Thirdly, Gestational diabetes-This one affects females during pregnancy. It can
be controlled through exercise but a given percentage of patients will need to
take some kind of blood glucose-controlling medications.undiagnosed or
uncontrolled gestational diabetes can raise risk of problems during child birth:
the baby may be bigger than the normal size Bingley PJ, (2011).




Causes of diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by; Viral or bacterial infection, Chemical toxins
within food, Unidentified
component resulting to autoimmune reaction,
Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, old  age and also Bad diet (Kirkman MS, 2010).

Symptoms of diabetes

Mostly frequent urination,also being  really thirsty, Feeling tired than usual even
after doing a less engaging task, unplanned weight loss, uncomfortable genital itching and also cuts and wounds take longer to cure due to
the weak body fighters cells and also Blurred vision (Colucci RA, 2011).


Medication for the diabetes type 1 patients is a insulin injections for
their lifetime. They must also make sure proper blood sugar levels by carrying
out regular blood tests and following a special diet. Some people may be able
to control their type 2 diabetes signs by losing weight following a healthy
diet doing plenty of exercise and monitoring their blood glucose levels. If
this type gets worse the patients end up taking insulin in tablet form. It can
be restricted through exercise and diabetes but a given percentage of patients
will need to take some kind of blood sugar-controlling treatment. Undiagnosed
or uncontrolled gestational diabetes can raise risk of complications during
child birth: the baby may be bigger than the normal size (Palmer K 2012).



Diabetes is a sluggish
killer with no identified 100% healing treatment. Therefore, its complications
can be reduced through thorough awareness and timely treatment. It is vital to ensure
the blood glucose levels of patients are under strict control to avoid the complications.
Generally regular exercise can not only in enhanced control of blood sugar but
also helps to manage weight and blood pressure as it decelerates the bad
cholesterol and accelerate the level of an excellent cholesterol in the blood
(Goldfine KA, 2010).




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